If You Actually Believe Disney Are Going To Erase The Sequel Trilogy, You Are A Dumbass

<Takes breath and sighs> Wow, so this is a thing. And there are people that actually believe this. Wow, some people are thick. Has common sense been chucked out the window? Or is this the norm now? That someone can just make some bullsh*t up and it gets eaten up by those that are desperate. I haven’t seen a site address this yet, so might as well.

Now look, I know there are fans out there who are unhappy with the Sequel Trilogy. They have their reasons. That’s their right, their opinion. But this is just taking advantage of them:

Stir the pot, fan the flames etc. This is nothing but pandering to an audience that’s unhappy. They know that there are fans that are unhappy, thus are going to take advantage of that. Telling them something they want to hear. But won’t happen. Because a similar outcry has happened before. And that was with the Prequel Trilogy. Where you had a group of fans having a hissy fit over those films. Wanting them erased, wanting them remade because they didn’t like what George Lucas made. Well it didn’t happen, won’t happen. And the same goes for the Sequel Trilogy.

There is no proof of Disney wanting to erase the Sequel Trilogy. Nothing tangible, no sources, no links or quotes. Just some guy dressed as a knock off Power Rangers villain making things up for views. Yes while he says “take this with a grain of salt”, he knows what he’s doing, that will get views, that some folk will believe it and that it’ll be picked up by other dishonest sites and channels too. This is misinformation (well bait really) to create anger from clicks from the Star Wars Fanbase. The same circlejerk of outlets that are connected to enrage fanbases. That’s their goal. Not to give you news or information, but to get a reaction out of you and exploit that reaction. A cheap tactic to get clicks/views. And unfortunately it works. Sh*t tier content over actual news and information. Because it’s quicker and easier. Hmmm, Yoda was right.

You can be unhappy with these films. That is your personal opinion. But don’t let your dislike of them be taken advantage of. Be smart. Think. Take a deep breath, relax and look.

Funnily enough it is Star Wars: Rebels where this rumour has stemmed from. In Season 4 Episode 13 ‘a World Between Worlds’ we learn about a mystical dimension of the force. This is their sole basis for their unfounded rumours that Disney is erasing the Sequel Trilogy. This is their “evidence” so they can spew their inane and unfounded rhetoric to the masses and get those clicks. Remember this is from an episode from an animated series with a smaller audience than that of the live action movies, including the Mandalorian. More people, not just fans have watched the films and the Mandalorian than Star Wars: Rebels. General viewers are just more aware of the live action content. It just comes off as daft. And then makes less sense when you have the Mandalorian that touches upon things leading up to the Sequel Trilogy (such as Force Heal, mentions of the New Republic) and will do so in future seasons, as Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni have said it’ll touch upon the origins of the First Order. It doesn’t make sense for Lucasfilm to have material made that leads into The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skwalker if it was going to be erased. Past or future. It’s not logical.

Star Wars: Squadrons is set Post Endor, during the last months of the Empire, before they fled to the Unknown Regions which becomes the First Order. Star Wars: The High Republic while set 200 years before the events of the Prequels is using a Hyperspace disaster, a collision as the jumping off point for it’s story. Which in turn is a reference to the “Holdo maneuver” from The Last Jedi. You have a theme park, two in fact set during this era which you can visit. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, you the player visit the planet Ilum and when you leave there’s a familiar chunk of the equator missing.

Also the “A World Between Worlds” if you listen contains voices. Quotes from the Saga, including The Force Awakens.

It’s not just storytelling and references. Disney put millions into the Sequel Trilogy and they made money. Two over a billion, The Force Awakens over two billion. Making more money when it came to home release. Being some of the highest selling blu-rays. Then you have the people that worked on those films. Not just in front of the camera, but behind too. The actors, actresses, extras, directors, writers, production managers, camera operators, editors, runners, sound operators, gaffers, set technicians, set builders, riggers, art directors, costume designers, hair and make up, prop designers, the special effects team, the visual effects team, stunt performers and so many more. All put work, time and effort into these films. It’s a discredit to all those involved to make up such a thing. It’s dishonest over pettiness.

And he same goes for the Prequel Trilogy, you had so many people involved in the making of those films too. Again you had a group of fans wanting them gone, hating them, saying they “r*p*d” their childhoods. In fact one guy says: “People are going to be looking at these films 50 years, 100 years are going to hate them too.” Yeah, that comment aged well. And the same goes to the Sequel Trilogy. These films have their fans. They are someone’s Star Wars. They aren’t going to erase them over some fans having a hissy fit.

Look you had a whole new generation of fans get introduced to Star Wars when these films came out. And that’s their Star Wars. That was their gateway into a much larger universe. And they have grown up/will grow up on these films. You might like something someone dislikes, you might dislike something someone likes. We all became fans because we were introduced to Star Wars. Whether you saw it back in 1977 or yesterday.

Disney aren’t erasing these films. The outlets telling you that are just out there to make a cheap buck off you. Don’t be fooled, don’t be lied too. These outlets know it’s bullsh*t. They know it’s made up and they don’t care. Manufactured outrage.

Written by: Connor Heggie