No, It Has Not Been Confirmed That LucasFilm Is Developing A Mara Jade TV Show For Disney+

First let me apologise to all the fans that thought this was actually happening. I am sorry that you were duped. It’s not exactly your fault. You put trust in an entertainment site that’s supposed to give you news. And they exploited that trust.

There is a good chance you may have seen this headline at some point in the past day or so: “Lucasfilm Reportedly Developing Mara Jade TV Show For Disney Plus”. I have came across this several times already today, in various groups.

This is the fourth “TV Show” We Got This Covered are reporting being developed by LucasFilm in the past three weeks. With reports of a Darth Maul, Lando and Yoda getting TV Shows for Disney+. All of which may I add have no evidence that LucasFilm is even making them. No links, no quotes and no sources. (Well the Mara Jade one does but goes nowhere).

Just like their Maul, Lando & Yoda articles, the Mara Jade article ticks the same boxes. Going over information that we already know about the character, where they’ve appeared and how she is liked by fans. With the actual report being nothing more than “trust our word on this”, while going on to say LucasFilm hasn’t confirmed anything, we’ve been hearing these rumours for sometime now that the plan is to give Mara her own Disney+ series.

Wait a minute, if LucasFilm hasn’t confirmed anything, hasn’t announced anything about a new Disney+ series. (Because if they did that would be fact) Why is your title: “Lucasfilm Reportedly Developing Mara Jade TV Show For Disney Plus”? That title makes it come off as a fact. When in reality it’s nothing more an a baseless rumour, being picked up from another website (Cosmicbook News) which is also infamous for clickbait. And that’s where the trail ends.

Once again, no links, no quotes but a “someone told us”. Yeah that’s the “source” not something you can trace and actually look into, just someone told us. And this same person who told you (Cosmicbook News) that there’s going to be a Hulk VS Wolverine movie along with Doctor Doom & Galactus.

Now unlike We Got This Covered’s headline, Cosmicbook News did actually include the word rumor in their title. So credit where credits due. However, Cosmicbook News is known to deliberately stir the pot. What do I mean by this? Well with the addition of the word: “Rumor” You the reader know going in, to take the news with a grain of salt. You are told that from the get go. But another tactic for clickbait is to anger your reader, frustrate them with something to spread it. Something along the lines of race-bending the character.

Get them riled up on something that isn’t even confirmed to be even happening. You’ve implanted this idea, this worry that this may happen. And that spreads the article. I don’t know which is worse, baiting with a misleading headline or trying to stir anger when there’s no reason to do so.

You know it was just over a year ago these sites were reporting that Mara Jade was going to be featured in Episode IX (At the time, April 2018 the film didn’t have a subtitle). And this was due to a “casting call leak”, which was originally reported by the site The Hashtag Show, which did a article on their own video. Saying:

Abrams, along with casting director Nina Gold, who has worked on both Episode VII and Episode VIII, are searching for a female lead, 40-50 years old, to play the role of “MARA.” 

And just like We Got This Covered & Cosmicbook News, there was no official quote or evidence. In fact their source was crediting themselves. No actual source for the so called leak.

Now look, if you want leaks and I mean proper Star Wars leaks. Then I highly recommend following Majority of the time they are correct. And when they are incorrect, they tell you. Here’s their Twitter, here’s their Facebook Page and their YouTube Channel. Follow, Like and Subscribe. The folks behind know the difference between what is fact and what is a rumour. And if you want insight on what could be happening at LucasFilm, they are the best for it. It’s not a leak everyday, but their reports do have backing behind them.

This is now becoming a common occurrence. There seems to be more clickbait than official news being reported. And it’s not just with Star Wars, it’s infested other fandoms as well such as: Marvel, Doctor Who, DC and anything with a large fanbase. It’s easy pickings them. To hoodwinks fans on mass by duping them with clickbait. We Got This Covered? You Ain’t Got Shite Covered. You (and sites like you) are that desperate for money, you have to resort to lying to get readers.

You have these fan sites/channels, that are ran by passionate fans of the franchise and their hard work gets overshadowed by writers and sites that don’t give a damn. Minimum effort required. Either by fooling you into clicking with a misleading headline or by exaggerating/twisting the story to get you riled up. And they most likely know that. Pissing people off with half truths and misleading information. It’s dishonest, it’s poor journalism and will become your undoing.

Because fans are getting wise. I’m in countless Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Sci-Fi and Movie groups. And when these articles are posted, I’m seeing more and more people calling those sites out, informing others. You now have this reputation. That’s getting worse and worse. Fans from all these franchises are getting sick and tired of being mislead by clickbait articles.

My advice:

  1. Follow sites that are reliable. That do fact checking, that knows the difference between fact, rumour and speculation. Sites that source information properly, with quotes, links and evidence that backs up the article/video.
  2. If you are into both geek culture and news, why not start your own site. In the long run you’ll gain a reputation for being reliable, informative and putting the effort in.
  3. Again if you are into both geek culture and news, but won’t want to run a site, maybe get in touch with existing ones to write for. See if any are looking for writers.
  4. If like me and you have a large following or you are in a decent size group, share the work from reliable sites. That way, they can gain attention and get information out. Thus less misinformation being spread.
  5. Educate, inform others which sites are reliable and which are unreliable. Out the clickbait site and recommend reliable and informative sites.

Not only will you driving people away from the likes of The Express, We Got This Covered, That Hashtag Show, Cosmicbook News, Bounding Into Comics, MovieWeb etc. You’ll be helping create a better and informed fandom.

If you are a Star Wars fan and you are tired of seeing clickbait on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in the Star Wars Community, then I have some recommendations for you:

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Written By: Connor Heggie