Lightsaber Themed Churros to Debut at Disney Parks & Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Ain’t that wizard…..

Look I like lightsabers, the futuristic past weapons of the Jedi & Sith, I’ve never had a churro before, curious about trying them though. But a blue or red churro does sound sickly and a little weird. Then again I like pancakes dipped in gravy, so who am I to talk. Moving on….

According to Good Morning America, the churros debuted in honour of Hollywood Studios (formally MGM)’s 30th anniversary.

During an interview with Good Morning America, Pastry chef Sergio Avila said he suspects that the snack will be “very popular” once Galaxy’s Edge opens to the public, saying:

“It’s designed with a sleeve to make it more realistic. It’s playful but traditional.”

According to Robert Adams the executive chef of Disney Parks, guests can “take their pick” on whether they want a blue or red churro saber. When visiting the park, you can grab your Star Wars churro at the following locations: Anaheim Produce, Pixar Place market & Pretzel Palooza. Or you can pick yours up on the go from one of the many churro carts that are located throughout the park.

Now my question is, who here would have one? Not many of us I think have ever seen a blue or red churro before, does the colour put you off? Or do you think it could be a hint of the flavour? Blue is blueberry and Red is strawberry, I’m shooting in the dark here. But from the looks of it, we Star Wars fans won’t be short of any Star Wars themed treats when Galaxy’s Edge opens this summer.

Source: Good Morning America &

Written by: Connor Heggie