Mark Hamill To Voice Chucky In This Summer’s “Child’s Play” Remake

“Sorry Jack, Chucky’s Back.”

Mark Hamill will once again be joining the “darkside” later this year as it was announced yesterday that the actor will be voicing murderous children’s doll Chucky in the upcoming remake of 1988 horror classic Child’s Play.

While Hamill is best known for playing the role of Luke Skywalker from the Star Wars Saga, which he’ll be portraying once more in this year’s Star Wars Episode IX, he is also an experienced voice artist whose portrayal of the Joker from the 90’s hit show Batman: The Animated Series and subsequent projects is widely regarded as among the best iterations of the character.

Hamill made the announcement at WonderCon in Anaheim via a video announcement, which he has since shared on his Twitter account.

“If you’re wondering who’s going to play Chucky in the new Child’s Play,” Hamill said, “you’re looking at him.”

Hamill will be taking over the role of Chucky from Brad Dourif, who voiced the killer doll (and Charles Lee Ray) in the original 1988 film along its six sequels. Some of you may known him more as Grima Wormtongue from Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The remake will also star Aubrey Plaza as a mother who gives her son (Gabriel Bateman) a toy doll for his birthday, blissfully unaware of its more sinister nature. The film also co-stars Atlanta actor Brian Tyree Henry.

It is weird actually as myself and two friends were in fact watching the original Child’s Play yesterday. I was the only one that enjoyed it, but I still think it’s an okay film. But it’s funny that on that day this announcement was made. But it has gotten me more excited for the film.

Chucky, like Freddy Krueger became known for their “one liners” in Sequels, but from watching the original, the character is nowhere near as quippy. And it will be weird to hear Mark Hamill swear so much too. As that doll swore quite a bit in the original. Hamill is one of the best voice artists around (like Tim Curry), if you have seen the behind the scene’s footage of him voicing the Joker, you know how energetic he gets when getting into character. Hamill will probably give Brad Dourif a run for his money.

Now while it has been announced that Hamill will be voicing Chucky, it has yet to be said if he will be portraying the character of Charles Lee Ray. But I’m hoping so. I’m sure this announcement will intrigue many fans of Hamill to check out his first slasher.

Child’s Play will be hitting theatres this summer on June 21st.

Sources: Entertainment Weekly & Mark Hamill

Written by Connor Heggie