Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Will Have A Secret Shop For Building Your Very Own Lightsaber

Savi’s Workshop will allow guests to build their own custom lightsaber in a special effects experience similar to Ollivanders at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter over at Universal Studios.

While Leia’s Resistance has a stronghold on Batuu, the First Order has also taken up residence, and, as you might guess, the First Order doesn’t take kindly to somebody selling lightsabers. This is why the shop that sells the Jedi device is, according to the sign, actually Savi & Son Salvage. Which you can translate with the Play Disney Parks app, doesn’t say anything about laser swords. That’s just a front.

Guests can also sign up for a building session, and can choose from assorted parts to assemble a lightsaber that is unique to their personalities. This isn’t the plastic Hasbro Bladebuilder you can buy in any terrestrial store.

  • Guests will put together a lightsaber that is unique to their personalities. Guests will choose from several kits: Peace and Justice (Republic-era Jedi designs), Power and Control (Dark Side designs), Elements and Nature (saber designs that use raw and natural materials) and Protection and Defense (ancient, almost medieval in style).
  • The colours of the lightsabers depend on the kyber crystal you purchase to power your saber.
  • The Kyber Crystals can be removed and added to a Holocron cube to access lessons from/about iconic characters.
  • These sabers are better looking than traditional Hasbro toys. The finished hilt will cost about $110, and the blade itself requires an additional $50.

They’ll also encounter shop employees known as The Gatherers. “They have dedicated their life to balancing the Force through sharing their knowledge of it,” says Brian Loo, an Imagineering creative producer focused on merchandise. “In this experience, our guests will go on a guided tour with the Gatherers to build their lightsaber.” Making it like a right of passage.

The colours of the lightsabers run from Jedi blue and green, to Sith Red and Mace Windu purple. Though it hasn’t been said yet what other colours where will be, white or yellow would be nice additions. Plus it all depends on the type of kyber crystal you purchase to power your sword, and each colourful gem has readable tech inside that can be removed and added to a holocron cube, which you’ll be able to hear lessons from long-gone Jedi heroes and Sith villains.

Though it should be mentioned that these lightsabers won’t be as interactive in the same way that the wands are interactive in Universal Studios’ Wizarding World.

If lightsabers aren’t your thing (which why wouldn’t they be?), you can instead get your own customised droid at Mubo’s Droid Depot. Design your own R2 or BB unit, though one that’s a bit smaller, EW says they’re about the size of a coffee machine, that can be remote controlled and also receive signals from other droids in the area.

  • Two different basic models will be offered, an R-series (that looks like R2-D2) and BB-series (in the style of BB-8), but they can be customised in look.
  • You choose the parts, assemble them, choose a personality circuit and activate the droid.
  • The store will also offer pre-built droids for those who don’t want a custom experience, as well as droid-inspired products and more.

From the sounds of it, you’re going to need a fairly large pocket book if you are planning on visiting Galaxy’s Edge upon opening, especially if you have younglings coming alone. It’ll be want, want, want. Unless your parenting skills are similar to that of Judge Smails.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Written by: Connor Heggie