Ewan McGregor Is “Really Happy” About the Recent Embrace of the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy

To say there was a shortage of debate amongst Star Wars fans about the Disney-era movies would be far, far away from the truth. But let’s not forget over a decade ago the Prequel Trilogy wasn’t exactly a crowd pleaser. In fact before the announcement of the Sequel Trilogy, the Prequel Trilogy was in the same boat.

In fact there was an entire episode of the hit Channel 4 sit-com Spaced, Directed by Edgar Wright – (Shaun of the Dead, Baby Driver) dedicated an a entire episode from season 2 about Simon Pegg’s character burning all the Star Wars merch after falling into a depression over his disappointment in the Phantom Menace, – with no jokes made at Jar Jar’s expense spared.

And when fans would try and debate about the Prequel Trilogy would would have people either quoting or linking the now famous Red Letter Media reviews as their arguments against these films.

Yeah, remember when this guy was the talk of the town?

However, over a decade has past since the prequel trilogy concluded, and since time has past the films are looked back on more kindly by some. I guess time does heal all wounds, except Palpatine’s messed up face, there’s no healing that ugly bastard. And Ewan McGregor or as many people may know him as High Ground (young Obi-Wan Kenobi) is thankful for this appreciation:

“Episode III was all green screen: they had us on green disks on a green floor with a green background, and a guy on the floor rotating us like chickens, as we lunged at each other with lightsabers. What keeps you emotionally grounded is the other actor. Episode II, I was on my own, speaking to thin air. But this scene was harrowing for Obi-Wan. I lose Anakin, and we see the danger of what it might lead to in Episodes IV, V, and VI. For all my moaning about green screen, I did enjoy playing Obi-Wan and this link to Alec Guinness. George Lucas wanted to do something very different with the prequels. That’s why people felt cheated. It was upsetting when people would laugh and joke about it. Now, many years later, the prequels meant a lot to the generation that were kids then. So from smirking, cynical opinions, now I’m getting feedback from the kids they were made for. I’m really happy about that.”

– Ewan McGregor to
Joanna Robinson from Vanity Fair

No matter how you feel about the Star Wars Prequels, they have a been the source of some great memes. In fact becoming some of the most popular on the internet. With almost every line from the three films being used to create some sort of funny meme.

But they have also paved the way for a large of amount of the in-canon mythology of the universe, with novels, comic books. Including the Clone Wars animated series which has been going since 2009 and is now going onto it’s 7th season on Disney’s own streaming service. With will (hopefully) be debuting later this year.

McGregor has expressed multiple times his interest in reprising the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Earlier this week the rumour mill started up again about an Obi-Wan Kenobi series “might be” in the works for Disney+, and it’s apparently a “top priority” for them. Hopefully if it turns out to be the case, we may find out more during this year’s Star Wars Celebration. So let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Sources: Vanity Fair

Written by: Jamie Joe Thompson