Rian Johnson Confirms He’s Still Working on New Trilogy, Debunks Nonsense Clickbait

In what’s become one of the fastest debunking of a major so called “rumour” from a site spreading clicbait, there’s no problems behind the scenes of the new Star Wars franchise as Rian Johnson revealed on his personal Twitter.

The rumour originated from the site: Super Bro Movies, and that Johnson had walked away from the franchise. Lucasfilm had not confirmed the rumours, which was interesting considering the company announced the departures of Phil Lord and Chris Miller from Solo: A Star Wars Story, as well as the departure of Colin Trevorrow from Star Wars: Episode IX, before the news hit other outlets (large or small). After Screenrant then decided to jump in the bandwagon of spreading this misinformation along with other sites, some Star Wars fans started tweeting Rian Johnson about the “news” to either confirm or debunk it’s authenticity, to which he quickly set the record straight.

But Johnson himself made it clear that he was indeed still working on his spinoff trilogy, which will involve brand new characters and not be involved with the ongoing plot of the Skywalker Saga. Producer Ram Bergman, who works on all of Johnson’s films and will help on the new saga, teased what fans should expect during an interview with From the Grapevine.

“It’s a completely new trilogy that writer-director Rian Johnson, my partner, is going to create,”it’s all new characters. Everything is new.”

– Ram Bergman

With Johnson himself explaining his thought process for the upcoming trilogy while speaking with the LA Times.

“It’s fun because it’s kind of thinking, ‘Okay, outside of the Skywalker story and outside of the recognizable iconography, what is this? What is Star Wars?’ Or what do we need to retain from that, to pull forward for it to still be Star Wars — and what can we leave behind? They’re all the big questions that need to be thought of. And even the ones that we don’t know the answers to are things we need to figure out if Star Wars is going to be vital and alive moving forward and not just be a waxworks. We’re going to have to figure out how to tell vital new stories.”

– Rian Johnson to the LA Times – April 3rd 2018

Though over on their Twitter account, Super Bro Movies were good enough to post an official statement apologising to Rian Johnson and has even took down the article. While the site had no ill intentions, it did create a stir. With many other Sites known for clickbait ready to jump on the bandwagon to spread false information without fact checking or contacting the director.

When it comes to leaks and sources from within LucasFilm, Making Star Wars is usually the best and most reliable site to get any insider info. According to their sources, nothing has changed and all announced films are still going forward.

“I spoke to several of my sources and it would be news to them if anything had changed at all. Some laughed. All said nothing has changed and all announced films are going forward as planned. I’m guessing we’ll get some updates at Star Wars Celebration in April about the timeline, or at least some hints.”

– Jason Ward of MakingStarWars.net

But it’s not just clickbait sites that are to blame, it’s what can spread clickbait. Since the release of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi many shit stirring YouTube Channels that have cropped up in the past year and a bit. I would point out something even more sinister. These YouTubers don’t care about the truth OR the fans. This is about money, pure and simple. It’s “Jerry Springer” for Star Wars fans. The more sensational, the louder they are, the more unreal the rumour, the more money they get. From Solo’s Brazilian Posters without the Guns, to Kathleen Kennedy’s firing to a weekly ‘I hate Rian Johnson video’ to Star Wars is dead. Most of the time, it’s feelings over facts. Over reacting over the slightest thing, day in, day out, over and over.

I could shit stir if I wanted too. Gain a lot of attention, as negativity always seems to trump anything positive these days. But I’m not like that, along with many others. As Yoda would put it, it’s the quick and easy path, and when you go down that path it consumes you. It’s just hate and anger, for days, weeks, months and by the looks of things years. Imagine being angry about something everyday, finding things to dislike/hate every day over and over for over a year? Apparently (and rather ironic) it takes 66 days to create a habit. So what would happen if you got into the habit of those negative emotions daily? Would that change you mentally? Probably.

Do you remember the Twits? The Roald Dahl book, there’s a quote within it that’s quite interesting and relevant. And all you have to do is change the word ugly to angry:

“If a person has angry thoughts, it begins to show on the face. And when that person has angry thoughts every day, every week, every year, the face gets angrier and angrier until you can hardly bear to look at it.”

One such Channel like this would be Geeks + Gamers, a Channel which doesn’t exactly live up to it’s name, due to the lack of actual geek or gaming related content, instead it’s host & CEO Jeremy Giggs favouring to stir the pot daily. But there are many, many more like this. Worldclass Bullshitters, ComicArtistPro Secrets, SC Reviews, That Star Wars Girl, Ivan Ortega and more. They’re all the same. All over reacting to the smallest thing and all having an unhealthy obsession over one man and a film for over a year. And these are adults.

And yes, I’m well aware mentioning that Channel and the other Channels by name will most likely result in insults and harassment by either them or their following. It’s more or less expected, going by their reputations and from what I’ve seen or heard of them. For being rational, I’ll probably get such coined phrases like “Shill”, “Soyboy”, “SJW”, “Intimidated”, “Beta Male” aimed at me in some clickbaited video overreacting for this piece. But it’ll just be empty words from a bunch of folk who are wound up too tightly. Hypocrisy at it’s finest. Though that’s the “fandom menace” for you. It is why the continuously do videos on him, to try and bully him out of the job. Funny in a way, that someone that they don’t like, they can’t seem to get enough of him. All because of a movie.

Now if it were to be cancelled, it wouldn’t be some random forth party site reporting it. It would be LucasFilm. As it was their site, StarWars.com that announced the departures of Phil Lord and Chris Miller from Solo: A Star Wars Story, as well as the departure of Colin Trevorrow from Star Wars: Episode IX, before the news hit other outlets. It would have been them who would have informed us if Rian had departed. And they aren’t going to re-announce the film because of some clickbait sites and shit stirring channels spreading bollocks.

It doesn’t work like that. The directors confirmation (again) is enough. Studios don’t re-announce movies over some people being petty.

You don’t have to like the Last Jedi, in fact you don’t have to like any film. It’s called personal taste. A film I dislike, you may like and vice-verses. I love the original Robo-Cop. Did’t like the remake. I think ALIEN & AL()ENS are brilliant, not a fan of Resurrection or Covenant. Found Age of Ultron a weak entry in the MCU. There are Bond films like love, like and dislike. And I’m not a big fan of Attack of the Clones. But there will be people out there who will have the opposite opinion. And it doesn’t effect my life in the slightest. Art is subjective. Different opinions creates debates, it would be very boring it we liked everything.

But to harass the crew, cast and studio employees over something you dislike for weeks, months etc. That is toxic fandom. Again it takes 66 days to create a habit, and if you continuously keep finding things to be annoyed, angry and offended about, it’ll change you. Just like the Twits.

So if you are tired of seeing clickbait on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in the Star Wars Community, then I have some recommendations for you. You can be safe in knowing what’s a fact, and what is just plain crap. These are Sites and Channels that are independent ran and actually care about giving you the best content and news available, that properly source their information. So if you want that? Then I recommend following these Sites & Channels below:

Star Wars UnderworldHelloGreedoThe Force.netMaking Star Wars.netStar Wars ExplainedThe Dorkside of the ForceStar Wars JunkBattlefront UpdatesGet Your Geek OnEckhart’s LadderRebelscumThe Expanded UniverseStar Wars News Net, Jedi NewsClub JadeStar Wars HQTosche StationSteele WarsThe Star Wars GuruChatter SquadronGeetslyUrban Acolyte100% Star Wars and The Star Wars Post. Ohh and there’s also us The Star Wars Hub.

Sources: Rian Johnson’s Twitter, StarWars.com, LA Times, GrapeVine & Making Star Wars

Written by: Connor Heggie