Star Wars: Episode IX Reference Photos Leaked (Possible Spoilers)

A little late on this, by a day at least. Though when you haven’t been feeling too well throughout the past week, you will fall behind. Doesn’t quite help when it’s more or less just you running the Site/Page. Most times it feels like I’ve just got my head above the water, trying to keep up. So apologies for the lack of news this week.

Anyway, fifteen new pictures of reference photos and concept art of characters from the upcoming Star Wars Episode IX were posted online yesterday by JediPraxis over at the /StarWarsLeaks subreddit. The pictures show several new aliens, including a new droid, along with our first looks at the costumes of new and returning characters appearing in Star Wars Episode IX.

Now there is a small chance this may not be true (it could be a BIG FAT PHONEY) but if you are trying to avoid any/all Star Wars Episode IX spoilers then stop reading now.  This is your official….


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I couldn’t help but put a Doctor Who reference in there.


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This marks our first look at the characters portrayed by Richard E. Grant and Dominic Monaghan. Richard E. Grant has a history of portraying villainous roles (Logan & Doctor Who), along with his British heritage makes him perfect for a First Order officer role. Star Wars has a history of hiring the Brits for villainous roles. E.g. Grand Moff Tarkin, The Emperor, Count Dooku, General Hux, Mr Snoke and more.

This leak is also our first look at Sequel Trilogy regulars Rey, Poe, and Kylo, All donning new costumes and looks in the upcoming film. Rey sporting a more white version of her Episode VIII: The Last Jedi costume, Poe looking more like a guerrilla fighter, while the concept art hints that Kylo maybe donning a repaired helmet, mended together with some kind of red bonding substance. (Which was rumour leaked from, whom have a good reputation when it comes to leaks/rumours).

Another familiar face would be that of Lando Calrissian wearing clothes very similar to that of Donald Glover’s costume as the young Lando in last year’s Solo: A Star Wars Story. Billy Dee Williams still looks like he’s got it as Lando nearly 40 years later. It has also been reported that Lando will make use of a cane in the film, which is probably a practical decision as an aesthetic one, given Billy Dee’s age of 81 and that Williams does make use of a wheelchair to get about now. On that note it has also been said that Billy Dee Williams’ role in the upcoming film won’t be a large one. Supposedly acting as a Maz Kanata type role, pointing our heroes in the right direction.

That might come off as disappointing to some fans but be realistic, he is after all 81. He’s not going to be dashing about like he was in Empire Strikes Back. Our favourite actors/actress age, that’s life unfortunately. We all must age.

Star Wars Episode IX will be hitting theatres later this year  on December 20th, 2019.

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Written by: Connor Heggie