The Truth About The ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ Super Bowl Teaser Rumour & Why You Should Be Careful Where You Get Your Star Wars News From

Despite all the buzz that Disney would be dropping the Star Wars: Episode IX teaser trailer during this Sunday’s Super Bowl, it’s not the case. There is NO Star Wars: Episode IX teaser trailer being released during the game.

Deadline reported earlier this week on Monday that “despite the buzz” about a potential Star Wars: Episode IX teaser or trailer airing during Sunday night’s Super Bowl, their sources confirmed that it wouldn’t be the case. The confirmed films to air their trailers during the game are: Captain Marvel (March 8), Avengers: Endgame (April 26), Dumbo (March 29), Aladdin (May 24) and Toy Story 4 (June 21)Last year’s Super Bowl did feature the first teaser for Solo: A Star Wars Story, but the circumstances surrounding Solo were different. The main difference being that Solo: A Star Wars Story was coming out three months after the game (May), where as Episode IX is still ten months away.

Notice something? These are all films that are being released during the first half of 2019. Why release a teaser for Episode IX which is being released at the end of the second half of the year, especially when you have Star Wars Celebration during April. (I’ll explain a bit more about this in a moment)

So if LucasFilm or Disney never confirmed anything, what created the buzz? In fact a better question is who created that buzz? Because there are people who are profiting off the clicks they get when they invent or spread inaccurate stories. As for the buzz concerning the Episode IX trailers being shown during the Super Bowl: They originated from the YouTuber Mike Zeroh, who publishes clickbaity Star Wars video 4/5 times a day.

Leaks don’t happen every day… Lucasfilm isn’t that careless. (Another thing I’ll get to shortly) Remember the build up to Episode VIII: The Last Jedi? The rumours, the speculation and the theories? A lot of sites reported on some of these, with some (The Express & MovieWeb) even claiming them was fact. Sourcing Zeroh of leaked news for the then upcoming The Last Jedi, of scenes such as:

Han Solo’s funeral, along with a shootout during his funeral, Rey losing an arm, Kylo Ren killing a Clan Leader, Snoke with a hologram of Emperor Palpatine, Rey’s new double bladed lightsaber, an invasion of Ahch -To, Snoke ordering Kylo to murder Hux, Lando coming back, Chewbacca fighting the Knights of Ren, Kylo’s new helmet and not forgetting the confrontation between Luke and Snoke. Such memorable scenes.

Ohhh wait a minute….. none of that happened in The Last Jedi. None of it at all. In fact you could go as far to call it all…

And why make new clickbait up when you can just recycle your old debunked clickbait for the next film:

To those that say, “ohh but he gets somethings right now and then” a broken clock is right twice a day. Two out of twenty-four is not something to be impressed about. That’s 8.3 percent. You ever hear the phase “Throwing shit against the wall and seeing what sticks”? Now and then, something sticks.

Earlier this month, Richard E. Grant took a moment to talk about the how LucasFilm goes to “extraordinary” measures to keep their Star Wars secrets under wraps, when he was on BBC’s The One Show. Saying:

“It’s extraordinary, they don’t give you a script, you have to go to a room where there are bodyguards outside, closed-circuit television cameras, and it’s printed on crimson pages so you can’t photograph it. You have to read it in there, and then leave.”

– Richard E. Grant

When “The One Show” host Alex Jones  then asked the question: ‘how do you remember your lines?’ (Which probably involves all cast members) it turns out LucasFilm also has an answer for that too. Which Grant providing:

“You’re given the pages on the day that you work, and you have to sign for them and sign out for them as well, there are security guards on the set.”

– Richard E. Grant

So if that’s the case, then you can guarantee that there has not been this many leaks in the past three days:

There is a lesson here. A lesson to be increasingly sceptical about any rumours about Star Wars Episode IX, many of which originate from Mike Zeroh, who by all accounts just seems to be making stuff up or stealing fan fic from Reddit to rack up more views on his YouTube channel without caring at all about the truth. And that goes not just to Zeroh Credibility here, but goes to other Sites too, like:

  • The Daily Express
  • That Hashtag Show
  • CosmicBookNews
  • The Daily Mirror
  • MovieWeb

Sites like these taking advantage of fans.  Rumours, speculation and wishful thinking being presented as News, Leaks and Facts. It’s Clickbait, hoodwinking fans into believing something which is fabricated. Now actual news is informative, with facts, points and reasoning. Clickbait on the other hand doesn’t care. It’s lazy, all it’s bothered about is getting you to click for ad revenue. They don’t care, they’re laughing their way to the bank. And most likely they know it. I think Simon Gruber said it best:

“Hook, line and sinker”

Ohh and I’ll give you a wild guess where Stefan Kyriazis (of the Daily Express who is well known for his clickbait articles) sourced that “shock leak”. If your answer was Mike Zeroh, you are correct.

And as bad as the clickbaiting Channels and Sites now are the shit stirring YouTube Channels that have cropped up in the past year. That only care about stirring the pot, because it creates drama and controversy. From Solo’s Brazilian Posters without the Guns, to Kathleen Kennedy’s firing to Star Wars is dead. I could shit stir if I wanted too. Gain a lot of attention, as negativity always seems to trump anything positive these days. But I’m not like that. As Yoda would put it, it’s the quick and easy path, and when you go down that path it consumes you. It’s just hate and anger, for days, weeks, months and by the looks of things years. Do you remember the Twits? The Roald Dahl book, there’s a quote within it that’s quite interesting and relevant. And all you have to do is change ugly to angry:

“If a person has angry thoughts, it begins to show on the face. And when that person has angry thoughts every day, every week, every year, the face gets angrier and angrier until you can hardly bear to look at it.”

One such Channel like this would be Geeks + Gamers, a Channel which doesn’t exactly live up to it’s name, due to the lack of actual geek or gaming related content, instead it’s host & CEO Jeremy Giggs favouring to stir the pot daily.

Remember before when I said I’d explain about Star Wars Celebration. It’s not that LucasFilm is “scared”, or “SJW’s” or “NPC’s” or “Soyboys”, or agenda’s or Solo: A Star Wars Story or The Last Jedi. Their plan is the same plan they’ve had for both Episode VII: The Force Awakens & Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. To reveal it during a Celebration.

  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser #2 released April 16, 2015.
  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi Official Teaser released Apr 14, 2017.

Both of these were shown during a Star Wars Celebration. In April, eight months before their theatrical releases. Now The Force Awakens did get a teaser released on November 28, 2014. Over a year before the film’s release. This never happens, and nearly didn’t happen. Disney nearly didn’t release a trailer, Iger admitted. Abrams is known for wanting to keep footage of his films under wraps. But the rabid “Star Wars” fanbase prompted Disney to come up with the brief introduction of what the new film would look like. And it crashed the internet.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on the other hand, while it’s official teaser wasn’t shown at a Star Wars Celebration (as 2016’s Star Wars Celebration was during July 15-17), it was still released during April, April 7, 2016 in fact. All of which released eight months before their theatrical releases. Whilst Solo: A Star Wars Story did have a official shown during last year’s Super Bowl on Feb 4, 2018. Three and a half months before it’s release in May. Having the shortest marketing run of any Star Wars film to date.

It’s amazing what a little bit of research can do. Especially when looking at things rationally.

And yes, I’m well aware mentioning his Channel, by name will most likely result in insults and harassment by either him or his following. It’s more or less expected, going by his reputations and from what I’ve heard. For being rational, I’ll probably get such coined phrases like “Shill”, “Soyboy”, “SJW”, “Intimidated”, “Beta Male” aimed at me in some clickbaited video for this piece. But it’ll just be empty words.

So if you are tired of seeing clickbait on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in the Star Wars Community, then I have some recommendations for you. You can be safe in knowing what’s a fact, and what is just plain crap. These are Sites and Channels that are independent ran and actually care about giving you the best content and news available, that properly source their information. So if you want that? Then I recommend following these Sites & Channels below:

Star Wars UnderworldHelloGreedoThe Force.netMaking Star Wars.netStar Wars ExplainedThe Dorkside of the ForceStar Wars JunkBattlefront UpdatesGet Your Geek OnEckhart’s LadderRebelscumThe Expanded UniverseStar Wars News Net, Jedi NewsClub JadeStar Wars HQTosche StationSteele WarsThe Star Wars Guru, Chatter SquadronGeetsly, Urban Acolyte, 100% Star Wars and The Star Wars Post. Ohh and there’s also us The Star Wars Hub.

I hope you enjoy them. It’s funny how independently ran Sites and Channels can do a better job at journalism than established Sites like the Express etc.

There’s only 69 days to go until this year’s Star Wars Celebration. We’ll get the teaser and probably the title during the five day event. So be patient, 69 days will fly by.

Sources: DeadlineStar Wars Underworld & Inverse

Written by: Connor Heggie