Richard E. Grant Describes Star Wars: Episode IX’s Spoiler Protection Measures

Speaking on BBC’s The One Show yesterday, Richard E. Grant took a moment from talking about his upcoming movie: Can You Ever Forgive Me? Co-starring Melissa Mccarthy, to talk a bit about his other upcoming movie, some little sequel to some Sci-Fantasy series or something. Of course, I’m talking about Star Wars: Episode IX. And while he didn’t drop any hints or leaks. He did explain how LucasFilm goes to “extraordinary” measures to keep their Star Wars secrets under wraps. Saying:

“It’s extraordinary, they don’t give you a script, you have to go to a room where there are bodyguards outside, closed-circuit television cameras, and it’s printed on crimson pages so you can’t photograph it. You have to read it in there, and then leave.”

– Richard E. Grant

When “The One Show” host Alex Jones (different Alex Jones) then asked the question: ‘how do you remember your lines?’ (Which probably involves all cast members) it turns out LucasFilm also has an answer for that too. Which Grant providing:

“You’re given the pages on the day that you work, and you have to sign for them and sign out for them as well, there are security guards on the set.”

– Richard E. Grant

He also shared to Jones, that the production crew of Star Wars: Episode IX are always on guard, even against drones, explaining that he and the other actors and actresses are hidden as they’re taken to and from set so that no one will be able to get a picture of them in their costumes.

“They give you a cloak, over your head – because apparently they have drones going over Pinewood Studios so they try and take photographs of what people are playing.”

– Richard E. Grant

From the sounds of it, LucasFilm is running a tight ship when it comes too “leaks”, so that nothing gets out. So you can guarantee that anyone doing four/five videos a day on so called leaks, has zeroh credibility on Episode IX.

Since his casting announcement last year, fans have been trying to guess who Richard E. Grant will be playing in Episode IX. With fans theorising that he’d be playing Grand Admiral Thrawn, who made his first appearance in the 1991 novel Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn, before being made Canon and appearing in Star Wars:Rebels, though Richard quickly shot down that theory:

“I’m not playing the Star Wars character you just mentioned, I’m not allowed to tell you anything. Otherwise I would be fired. It’s a complete lockdown on any information whatsoever.”

– Richard E. Grant

Maybe he’s telling the truth, maybe he’s lying, unless, of course, he knew you wouldn’t believe the truth, even if he told it to you. Either way he’s bound by contact.

Star Wars: Episode IX will be released in the UK on December 19, 2019 and in the US on December 20, 2019.

Source: DigitalSpy

Written by: Connor Heggie