Mark Hamill Trolls Star Wars Fans After Being Asked The Title For Star Wars Episode IX

Don’t you just love it when Mark Hamill channels his inner Joker. It should be known by now you shouldn’t asking the Clown Prince of Crime himself what the title of the next Star Wars film is going to be. Because you are not going to get a serious answer. After all he is probably under contract to keep it a secret. Though it doesn’t been he can’t have a little fun with it

Yesterday, Hamill tweeted a response to the many fans that have been asking him to leak the Episode IX subtitle. Attached to the tweet was a mockup title, which suggested that the full title would be Star Wars: Thank U, Next.

Captioning the Tweet with a “#SorryNotSorry” hashtag. “Thank U, Next of course, is a reference to the song from artist Ariana Grande,¬†who Hamill has sparked a sort of Twitter friendship with in recently. I think it’s safe to assume that “Thank U, Next” isn’t Episode IX’s Subtitle.

Okay, this is going to be me, shooting in the dark here. I am mostly likely going to be wrong here, but maybe he’s giving us a clue. Not to the Subtitle but when we might expect to see the Subtitle. Maybe “Thank U, Next” could mean next week or month. Looking back we found out Episode VIII’s title, The Last Jedi on¬†January 23, 2017. Then again we didn’t find out Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’s title until March 12th 2015. I’m probably wrong on next week or month.

But we’ll most likely hear something before or at Star Wars Celebration in April. And it’s very likely we’ll see our first look at Episode IX in a Teaser Trailer.

Source: Mark Hamill

Written by: Connor Heggie