We Need A New “Star Wars: Galaxies” Game: Ranting Thoughts

I never got to play Star Wars Galaxies as a kid, mainly because I wasn’t aware of it and when I did find out about it, it was too late. The game was officially over. Yes, it has continued thought Mods, like Empire at War and the Original Star Wars Battlefront II, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a new one?

There’s potential isn’t there? There is a market for such a game, we’ve already saw it in Star Wars: Galaxies and current Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO. And with today’s graphics and computers it could be BEAUTIFUL. You have games like Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen and Everspace. Imagine them, but set in the Star Wars Galaxy.

The Star Wars Galaxy is HUGE. And in Canon, it’s only getting bigger and bigger. So imagine playing in it, like in Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen and Everspace. A Star Wars Galaxy to fly around in, visit other Star Wars Planets, engage in dogfights, join a Faction, buying a Capital Ship from a shipyard or taking part in a fleet battle, with you, friends and others blasting each other way above a Planet.

Just imagine it. Any Species, any Planet, any Ship. It’s a huge Galaxy, with so much to do and explore.

Now I know DICE has made the past two Battlefront the most realistic Star Wars Games to date. They and feel like Star Wars. But it’s EA, fans don’t trust EA, may people don’t trust EA. EA is too greedy and obviously that puts people off. Why would you want to buy a game and then have to buy the rest of it later. No, no, no, if I go to a restaurant and pay £15.00 for a 5 course meal, I expect the 5 courses for the £15.00 that I’ve payed for and not pay more so I can have that Starter.

Hypothetically speaking, if it were me creating this game, this is what I’d propose. My pitch if you will. There will be some rambling, ideas I’ve had for awhile and suggestions I just came up with whilst writing.

Okay, the Star Wars Galaxy, it’s big. Like this big. That’s a lot of Planets, that’s a lot of Systems to choose from am I right? Of course, and if you clicked on that tagged link above there’s plenty from both Canon and Legends. So imagine you could pick a Planet to come from, possibly a Species too. You are now in the Star Wars Galaxy. And like Luke, you yearn to venture out into that Galaxy.

As a heads up, this is going to be VERY hypothetical. My imagination is just going to go wild now. Wishful thinking if you will of a game, I’d love to see be done. It kinda has before, but BIGGER.

So let’s say for the sake of arguing, you picked Tatooine. Yes that infamous sand planet from the outer rim that’s appeared in half the movies so far. That’s where you start your journey and you can do whatever you want. Each Planet should have it’s own jobs, missions, economy, advantages and disadvantages. You could become a farmer, a trader, a pilot, mercenary, scavenger, bounty hunter, racing, work for one of the cartels, what about (depending on the time period) one of the major factions in the Galaxy?

That could be a thing, the game is alive, it grows as you play. You could start before the events of the Phantom Menace and continue playing through the “events” of the Saga. Hahaha, could you imagine that, playing for 60 or so years. Nah, it would have to be shortened at least by half. I wouldn’t want to be playing a video game into my mid 80’s. But imagine if the game went through the eras of Star Wars. That could be pretty mint.

But you would (mostly likely) want to get off Planet, so you’d have to find a way to do so. Which you’d credits or a ship (actually both really) to do so. So you’d do jobs. Maybe join a crew (another player, friend or an NPC), work your way through the ranks. Steal a ship, though the authorities would give chase and you’d probably end up with a bounty on your head. (Ohhh that could become another job for another player. Capture you and recover the stolen ship) Or work for it, and build your own. That too could be done in multiple ways. Purchasing outright, buying/scavenging parts, finding one etc.

 Some ships would be common and there’d be others totally unique. Though I do think, certain Planets should give a bonus. Say Mon Cala, your ship, depending on upgrades, what parts you’ve bought/scavenged for it, where it was built. It would have better shielding. Each planet, should have something unique about it, ships that represents them and their culture. A Mon Cala ship will look different to a Corellian one. A Hutt ship will look different to a Chiss one and so on.

I think though, you should have to explore your own system first. Take your fighter out for a spin to one of the other Planets or moons or space stations around that system. Get a feel for your ship. Upgrade it a little more and then venture out. Because that first hyperspace jump should feel special.

But why should it stop at fighters? It shouldn’t. Why not have shipyards around, where you can (depending on how big your pocket book is) have a Transport constructed or a Freighter. Not big enough? How about bigger?

Yeah, now we’re talking. Say you had one of these built from a shipyard orbiting Mooga. Pirates may think twice about attacking you. You could have your old fighter stored in it’s hanger along with other fighter support. Hey, you don’t know what other player could be like. Some might be passive, some aggressive. Always best to be prepared.

But I do think the idea of a Shipyard should be taken advantage of. Not only should you be able to buy a ship, get it built and possibly upgrade it with the odd feature or two. But also have the feature to design your own. Could you imagine that? Creating your own cruiser, your own capital ship in a Star Wars game. Make it your own.

How could you go about doing this? Okay from the top of my head. When you visit a shipyard of any sorts, you can by the ship or for say 20% of the price, purchase the schematics of said ship. Say you do this a few times, you’ve got a ton of credits, you could go to another shipyard and now design your own ship from those schematics.

Come on though, we all know the real reason why we would want a BIG ASS SHIP!

Image result for starship troopers war gif

You want to engage in a battle. Ship V Ship combat. Fleet against fleet. Like what if the game “could” evolve and go through the Clone Wars, the Galactic Civil War and the First Order Conflict? Would you join a side and go through the ranks of that Faction? Do missions for them, get bonuses and depending on Planets and Shipyards, possibly a discount. Hey people like rewards. Like in real life, with certain jobs your employer can issue out discounts and bonuses.

You saved a escort from being destroyed by a Separatist attack? Promotion. You protected an Imperial shipyard from a Rebel Fleet, you are now Captain of a Victory Class Star Destroyer. You took down a First Order Dreadnought without casualties, well done. Here are more fighters for your frigate.

But you don’t have too. Just because there’s folks battling doesn’t mean you have too. The remains of a space battle could make someone some easy credits. Salvaging can be quite profitable. You could keep them for yourself or sell them on.

Ohhhh, what about a black market. Involve the Underworld. I like the sound of that. Similar to that of the Zann Consortium in Star Wars: Empire at War. Buy stolen or illegal tech and weapons like Buzz Droids and the greatest sounding bomb in all of Star Wars. Hey, who says you have to play fair?

That’s more or less my pitch in a way. I am no game designer, but I do think this concept should be done again for Star Wars due to such games as: Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen and Everspace. Think of it as a spiritual successor to Star Wars: Galaxies. 

Now while I think the studios that EA has could develop such a game and make it amazing, it’s EA. My trust in them is shaken. This concept can be easily exploited to make extra cash through DLC’s & Mirco-transactions. And that’s not fair, especially after paying for a game. If you want a better ship, you work for it, like the rest of us. There was a game years ago I played, a Pirate one, where you could “bank” your money, your gold if you will and you would get interest off it. I haven’t seen that feature in a game for a long time.

I’d love there to be a new Star Wars Game like this. There should be. What would you even call it though?

Written by: Connor Heggie