No, LucasFilm AREN’T Resetting Star Wars, Just “LEGO Star Wars Days” are Possibly Being Cancelled

So if you have seen headlines from Sites stating the following: “DISNEY RESETTING STAR WARS” or”New Report Says Lucasfilm Is Resetting The Star Wars Franchise”. Don’t worry, this is nothing more than just misleading clickbait. As these two headlines comes from Cosmic Book News & We Got This Covered, both of which do have a reputation for publishing and spreading clickbait content.

Disney/LucasFilm ARE NOT resetting anything. These “headlines” are only being used to stir the pot, to spread panic in the Star Wars Community. It’s like a virus. Panicking, mass panicking makes outbreaks worse. The virus (or in this case, clickbait) spreads more. But remaining calm, being rational and doing research can counter it.

What actually is happening is that LEGO Star Wars days in LEGOLAND California could be cancelled. That’s about it. Just some Sites are over-blowing and exaggerating this news.

So let’s go back. Because sourcing is an important factor here. Again similarities to a virus here as we need to find “patient zero”. So I came across this “news” from one of the many Star Wars Groups I’m a member of, Star Wars Discussion Room.  It’s a good Group, highly recommend if you enjoy discussing Star Wars. But this what had been posted:

 Well first off EU Fan’s didn’t call anything, this is just someone who’s still petty that the Expanded Universe was made Legends. The again there are some (a small group) untitled Legends fans that want this:


Why? Mainly out of spite. Because their make believe world was made into Legends and LucasFilm went in a different direction the the Expanded Universe, which George Lucas would have done according to his Treatments for the Sequel Trilogy, they want the same thing to happen to Star Wars Fans now. That’s just spiteful. But a reset isn’t happening so it looks like you are celebrating for nothing really. Oh, a little bit of advice. If you are trying to Campaign to Disney & LucasFilm to continue Legends, that’s not how you go about doing it. In fact Disney & LucasFilm won’t even take it seriously at all.

Remember though most Legends Fans are not like this.

But back to the articles. When looking into the article by We Got This Covered they source the Site: Cosmic Book News, which in their arrticle, they credit: Rebel Scum, which in their article, Rebel Scum state that the LEGO Star Wars Day that was hosted at the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Westchester was the last one. And “2018 would be the last year they do them”. Okay makes sense with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening next year.

But when Rebel Scum brings up this “reset” the source is….unnamed.

In my experience when it comes to “unnamed sources” majority of the time, it’s bollocks. Remember months ago when Grace Randolph stated that Kathleen Kennedy was going to be fired in October due to an unnamed source. Which she has since re-titled. Yeah, that didn’t happen did it. Instead an a three year contract, the opposite of a firing. Remember just weeks ago that there was going to be a Teaser Trailer from LucasFilm for Episode IX? Again unnamed sources prove to be unreliable.

Now lets be logical here folks. If there was to be a reset, (which isn’t happening) the following would have to been cancelled:











Undetermined Release Dates:

That’s a lot of content, and that’s just for 2019 alone. If a reset “was” to be happening, a majority of that content wouldn’t be happening at all. And it if there was to be a reset, it would be LucasFilm, not an unnamed source saying this. LucasFilm would have announced this. Instead they’ve been announcing news on TV Shows, Episode IX, Comics and Novels etc. There is NO reset. That is just a clickbait headline these clickbait Sites are using:

Only LEGO Star Wars days are being cancelled, which could possibly just be moved to take place in the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge theme parks. That is it.

NO. Need. To. Panic.

Thank god for Wookieepedia

Written by: Connor Heggie