Luke Sky Walker Arrested in Tennessee

The Force was not with this Luke Sky Walker earlier this week when he was arrested by Tennessee police for violating his probation. Walker, 21, of Johnson City Tess, was already on probation in connection to a felony theft charge, the station reported.

This story of Luke Sky Walker has been making rounds across the internet, mainly dude to the young mans name being very close to that of Luke Skywalker. Just with Sky being his middle name.

“Twisted by the dark side, young Sky Walker has become.”

Currently Sky Walker is being held without bond at the Carter County jail, according to online records. Though no reports if he attempted a Jedi Mind Trick to escape officers.

This isn’t Sky Walker’s first offence either, as last year he was arrested on charges of stealing 46 road signs with three cohorts, the Elizabethton Star reported at the time.

Sky Walker and the others were found with the stolen signs in the back seat of a car after a traffic stop in Carter County, according to the Elizabethton Star.

Source: WJHL-TV

Written by Connor Heggie