New “Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures” Animated Shorts to Debut on New “Star Wars Kids” YouTube Channel From Disney

Yesterday , Disney announced that they will be launching a new series of kid-friendly animated shorts called “Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures” that will re-create in animation pivotal moments from the film franchise, along with reintroducing the classic themes and the iconic characters from the Star Wars saga to the next generation.

The first six shorts will launch tomorrow on November 30th on their new website and YouTube channel dubbed Star Wars Kids.

I like this idea, Star Wars is universal, it’s for all ages. But it’s main audience from day 1 has always been kids. My parents got into Star Wars as kids with the Original Trilogy, I got into Star Wars as a kid before the release of the Prequel Trilogy. And I’m willing to bet prior to the release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens there were parents introducing their kids to the world of Star Wars. It’s a generation thing.  As Star Wars creator George Lucas once said:

  “It’s a film for 12-year-olds. This is what we stand for. You’re about to enter the real world. You’re moving away from your parents. You’re probably scared, you don’t know what’s going to happen. Here’s what you should pay attention to: Friendships, honesty, trust, doing the right thing. Living on the light side, avoiding the dark side.” 

And it’s not just the idea. The animation looks lush. I think if Star Wars: Resistance had went with an animation style like this, I think more people would have welcomed the series.

“With Galaxy of Adventures, we wanted to craft something that allowed parents to help their kids take their first step into a much larger world whether they were ready to show their kids the films or wanted to find new ways to explore the content.”

– James Waugh, Lucasfilm’s Vice President for Franchise Content & Strategy

Will you be checking out Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures and introducing your kids to it? Or will you be showing them the films first?


Written by Connor Heggie