New LEGO Star Wars series, All Stars, debuts this week

LEGO Star Wars fans rejoice!

A brand new pile of intergalactic LEGO bricks are being strewn across screens starting this week in the form of LEGO Star Wars All Stars. revealed this past Friday that a new wave of LEGO Star Wars storytelling will be rolling out over the internet beginning this Monday, October 29th!

Following in the footsteps of LEGO Star Wars The Yoda Chronicles, and LEGO Star Wars Droid Tales this new non-canon series promises to bring together Star Wars humour and adventure in the classic LEGO style.  Many of the creators involved with previous LEGO Star Wars shows, like Bill Motz, Bob Roth, Jill Wilfert, and Erik Wilstrep have been announced as returning to All Stars.

Spanning all eras of the Star Wars franchise this new madcap LEGO outing has already revealed elements from the most recent installments of the Star Wars films; showing not only characters like Finn and Rose as they appear in The Last Jedi but even young Han and Lando from Solo: A Star Wars Story.  Beyond that the trailer for the series also shows fan favorites Graballa the Hutt and R0-GR the reprogrammed battle droid from LEGO Star Wars the Freemaker Adventures, the previous LEGO Star Wars series.

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This new LEGO Star Wars adventure will debut as a series of shorts on the DisneyXD YouTube channel and the Disney Now app with subsequent shorts appearing daily beginning October 29th through November 2nd. These initial animated shorts will be compiled together for television on DisneyXD and the Disney Now app Saturday November 10th when three additional shorts will also be revealed.  There will also be four half-hour episodes to follow airing on successive Saturdays November 17th through December 8th.

It should come as no surprise to see Disney employing this internet-to-television release strategy.  With the success of Star Wars Forces of Destiny, another series of animated Star Wars shorts born on the internet and transitioned to TV, we may be seeing a new trend within the animated Star Wars universe.

The eyes of modern audiences are divided among various devices and television alone is no longer a catchall for Star Wars fans. Additionally short, quick stories are seemingly an easy way to fill in some gaps of the Star Wars canon or in the case of the LEGO series tell zany, fun tales with characters and situations which couldn’t be done elsewhere.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, with fresh LEGO Star Wars cartoons incoming it’s probably safe to speculate that Star Wars fans and collectors can expect to see some new LEGO sets based on this series. And honestly, isn’t that what we’re all really looking forward to at the end of the day?

Written by: Joshua Witsaman