Mark Hamill Wants “Star Wars Fans” to Campaign for a “Hollywood Walk of Fame” Star for Carrie Fisher

With Star Wars: Episode IX in Production, actor Mark Hamill is on a mission to get Carrie Fisher her own Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and is hoping fans might be able help speed up the process so the tribute can be timed with Episode IX.

Now the posthumous honour is five years, that’s a rule. But Mark Hamill believes that Star Wars fans might help that with enough support, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce could make an exception. Over on his Official Twitter, Hamill tweeted the following:

“Carrie WILL get her well-deserved Star on the Walk of Fame, it’s only a matter of when. The rule is a 5-year wait when awarded posthumously. A letter to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce wouldn’t hurt, urging them to time it to the release of #EpIX #AlwaysWithUs,” 

If you want to help Mark with his mission to get Carrie Fisher’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame sooner, you can by writing to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce here. Or if you would prefer to send a letter, you can with this address:

6255 Sunset Blvd, Ste 150
Hollywood, CA 90028

Yearly this year when Mark Hamill was awarded his star back in March, both he and Harrison Ford spoke about Carrie during the ceremony, saying how there should be the three of them there for the ceremony and that they could feel her presence. But miss her dearly.

Carrie will appear in the upcoming Star Wars installment, Episode IX, with Episode VII director J.J Abrams using unused footage from The Force Awakens.

Star Wars: Episode IX is due out next year December 20th.

Connor Heggie