Jon Favreau Officially Reveals The New Star Wars Live-Action TV Series: “The Mandalorian”

Wow, that was unexpected, but welcoming. We now have the title and a short synopsis of Jon Favreau’s Live Action Star Wars TV Series: “The Mandalorian”. This came out of nowhere. While there has been some leaked set pictures along with casting rumours  such as Game of Thrones and Narcos star Pedro Pascal being referred as the lead actor in Favreau’s series. It has been kept mainly under wraps.

Speaking of leaked set pictures, our friends over at Making Star Wars is reported that Favreau’s series will begin filming next week. Jason Ward of Making Star Wars posted a couple of set pictures, showing pre production work being done for filming, revealing some of the locations where the series may take place. Possibly Mandalore and Tatooine.

So yesterday night (literally as I was going to sleep) the news of the title of Favreau’s TV Series dropped, along with a synopsis. Favreau revealed this over on his Official Instagram Page, confirming the series title: “The Mandalorian”. And that it will be set years after the events of Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. The synopsis also mentions the likes of Jango Fett and Boba Fett, while revealing that of “another warrior” who will most likely be the series protagonist.

Ohh this is exciting. Finally, we are getting a Live Action Star Wars TV Series, something we’ve been hoping for since the mid-2000’s when George Lucas teased us with Star Wars: Underworld. Now it’s actually happening.

Favreau’s filmography includes such titles as: The upcoming Live Action Lion King, Chef, Cowboys & Aliens, Iron Man 1 & 2, Swingers and more “Star Wars: The Mandalorian” is expected to premiere on Disney’s upcoming streaming service, which will be launching sometime in 2019. So you’ll have some waiting to do.

Connor Heggie