“Solo: A Star Wars Story” L3-37’s Droid Rights Activism Was Inspired by George Lucas

Well whaddya know. Star Wars continues to use ideas and inspirations from it’s creator, George Lucas. While “Solo: A Star Wars Story” didn’t do well at the Box Office, it has found a strong following upon Home Release. With even Solo Director, Ron Howard commenting on his personal Twitter Account how well it’s done, even coming close to it’s opening night:

And while there is a lot to enjoy about “Solo: A Star Wars Story”, being quite a fun “smaller” movie. The Character of L3-37 came to be one of the more controversial characters in the film due to her vocal Droid Right Activism. And there were some fans that thought she stemmed from the “SJW” movement that some of fans have been claiming is ‘ruining’ Star Wars (which it ain’t). But as it turns out, her activism for Droid Rights was actually something George Lucas himself thought up way back in the early 2000s, around the time of the Prequel Trilogy.

This was revealed in the Target exclusive art book for “Solo: A Star Wars Story” (via Matthew Vlossak):

It is poetic in a way, given that the idea of a Solo movie was in fact Lucas’ as well. Before the Disney Buyout in 2012, Lucas and Lawrence Kasdan were writing up treatment for a Solo movie. When Disney bought Star Wars for 4.1 Billion, Solo was put on the back burner so that Kasdan could focus on Episode VII, as Disney wanted to begin a new Trilogy.

The Character of L3-37 to me was okay, the weakest main Droid Companion so far in the Saga. I could have done with more time for her, as her “death” compared to that of K2-SO wasn’t nearly as impactful. You felt “oh no” (Well I didn’t, Lion King, Land Before Time, Up, Logan, Forest Gump etc. Like I know “those scenes” are meant to pull at your heartstrings, they just don’t with me) he’s destroyed. And literally the lights go from his…. eyes. There was more weight to the Character. But hey, she lives on in the Falcon. Gives new meaning to C-3PO’s line in Empire:

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That is until the Falcon is destroyed. (Oh my, that’s going to hurt some folks)

Connor Heggie