No Luke Skywalker IS NOT Going to Destroy a Star Destroyer in Episode IX. Why? Because it’s Recycled “Last Jedi” CLICKBAIT

You ever hear the phase “Throwing shit against the wall and seeing what sticks”? Recently over the past couple of days there have been articles appearing about Luke Skywalker “destroying” a Star Destroyer in Episode IX. First from The Express, which has become infamous thanks to it’s writer Stefan Kyriazis for producing clickbait content. I dismissed it at first until another site reported it, EpicStream and then CosmicBookNews then reported it. Then I got curious. Not on the story, but where was it coming from?

EpicStream led me back to the Express, which they had sourced. So rolled my eyes. But where did they get the information from? So looked through Stefan Kryiazis’ article (Kryiazis has a history of creating clickbait content) and once again sourced the Star Wars Clickbait creator: Mike Zeroh. CosmicBookNews, like the Express sourcing him too.

But it felt familiar, so I did some more digging. And this is where the phase: “Throwing shit against the wall and seeing what sticks” comes in. This “rumour” of Luke destroying a Star Destroyer also cropped up in 2016, which looking into it, also went viral. And guess where it all went back too? That’s right, Mike Zeroh. 

In both videos, Mike talks of how powerful Luke Skywalker is. That there will be “scenes” in which Luke will use the force in such a powerful way. That a lot of effects will be used during this moment. That’s awfully vague. The differences between the videos are location of such a scene (Ahch-To in the older video and Jakku in the most recent) and the mention of the Canon Novel: The Legends of Luke Skywalker, which was part of the Journey to The Last Jedi.

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The thing about this Novel by Ken Lui, while it might be Canon, the premise of the novel is about deckhands on a cargo ship sharing six stories or tall tales if you will on Luke Skywalker. And right off the bat, all the narrators are set up as unreliable and that the stories can be taken as complete truth. Star Wars Explained goes over this in his review of the novel.

In another video, Star Wars Explained goes into detail on these “tall tales” including one about a former Imperial Gunner who after getting a concussion during the Battle of Jakku, believes he saw Luke Skywalker using the Force to take down Star Destroyers out of orbit. After crash landing he is assisted by and old man in the desert who helps him get back to safety. You can watch that video here.

Remember LucasFilm keeps a tight lid on these things. Ever since The Empire Strikes Back, there has been secrets during production. Even more so now with the internet about. Other studios for film or tv do this. Usually with a leak, whether it’s to do with film, tv, gaming or heck real life politics, it’s usually done deliberately. Too test the waters. But leaks don’t happen nearly every day. LucasFilm aren’t that careless. Remember the build up to Episode VIII: The Last Jedi? The rumours, the speculation and the theories? A lot of sites reported on some of these, with some (The Express & MovieWeb) even claiming it was fact. Sourcing Zeroh of news of leaks for upcoming The Last Jedi, of scenes such as:

Han Solo’s funeral, along with a shootout during his funeral, Rey losing an arm, Kylo Ren killing a Clan Leader, Snoke with a hologram of Emperor Palpatine, Rey’s new double bladed lightsaber, an invasion of Ahch -To, Snoke ordering Kylo to murder Hux, Lando coming back, Chewbacca fighting the Knights of Ren and not forgetting the confrontation between Luke and Snoke. Such memorable scenes.

Ohhh wait….. none of that ever happened in Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. All that news and all those leaks that sites sourced him on as a “Star Wars Insider”, was a load of bollocks.

Rumours, speculation and wishful thinking being presented as News, Leaks and Facts. It’s Clickbait, hoodwinking  Fans into believing something which is fabricated. Some of the views some of these videos have are ridiculous. With some over 100K. So it’s possible there are fans who’ll be seeing these films believing this and going into the theatre with this in their head, thinking this is how it’ll play out. And when these things don’t happen, some of those people are going to be disappointed.

You know Sites and Channels like this really make it harder for those that do care about getting the facts out. Legit news now seems to get drowned out by poor journalism. The quick and easy path. Why report on news when you can make stuff up? Lately (some hope here) I’ve been seeing the hashtag #MikeZerohCredibility spreading more and more, especially on articles sourcing him. Star Wars Fans are wising up. Similar to the Dragon Ball Community years ago. It’s like the boy who cried wolf, people will call you out for lying and then it’ll be too late.

Connor Heggie