HISHE Presents: How SOLO A Star Wars Story Should Have Ended

HISHE or better known as “How It Should Have Ended” have done it again, this time offering their take on the ending of Solo: A Star Wars Story, this one being almost self aware too.

The short begins with Han enlisting for the Empire, declaring that he’ll be a pilot, the best there is. Like in the movie the Office on desk asks for his last name, who is people are, when Han states he has no people and that for most of his life lived under the rule of a slimy snake monster thing. The Officer chooses for him: “Han Slimy Snake Monster Lady.”

What a title. Bringing up the first self aware comment, that some Fans have brought up about the Solo Standalone film, that why should a random Imperial Officer give him his last name. And that he should choose it.

Skipping ahead to the end of the movie, HISHE diverts the narrative from the moment Dryden Vos is killed. Instead of leaving to save Chewie from Beckett, Han decides to stay and just rest on the recently deceased crime bosses sofa and wait for Qi’ra. Qi’ra knowing that she has to contact Crimson Dawn’s true leader tries repeatedly to shew him away but to no effort. Han just can’t be arsed to move, saying (and here’s where the short really becomes self aware) that’s he’s gotten really fatigued all of a sudden.

All the Wars, in the Stars, that in just never ends. Getting chased by TIE Fighters, shooting their blasters, travelling to three or so planets (with different atmospheric environments) That’s he tired. With Qi’ra replying that maybe they should have done the heist in winter instead.

Han continues to ask wheres it all going, are they a thing, that it’s not going to last, doubt him and Qi’ra’s relationship. That she’ll just dump him, making him slow to trust the next girl (Leia) that comes his way. Or a baby without him (the fan theory that she is Rey’s mother) Then Maul drops in, with his metal legs. Dropping hints that maybe Qi’ra could be his apprentice, or maybe she isn’t. That it’s a mystery. (A mystery we might never find out about)

The funniest bit of the short and once again stealing the show, would be that of Lando. Turning up to drop his latest music video: “This is the Falcon.” Parodying Lando actor Donald Glover’s Childish Gambino’s hit song “This is America” from earlier in the year.

It gets to the point where things are getting too weird and out of control that none other than Ron Howard shows up, offering assistance to the situation, that’ll be directing from here on out and take care of everything. (Ohh he did, despite it’s disappointing Box Office Performance, he did deliver us a fun and enjoyable Star Wars film) But also making the film darker, with is noticeable. It is the darkest (lighting wise) of all the films thus far.

This was not only a fun short poking fun a Solo: A Star Wars Story, but an insightful one too. Instead of just doing a different ending or multiple, HISHE made it self aware given the circumstances that plagued the film’s production and the real world impacts that it had, especially as of late. With how the film did at the Box Office, it’s release, production problems, the possibility of a sequel not being made now. It’s the most self aware HISHE short to date.

Definitely worth a watch. A lot of effort was put into this HISHE Story.

Connor Heggie