“Oh it’s Beautiful” Episode IV: A New Hope, But it’s a Classic 80s Anime

I’m being serious with the Krennic quote, this is beautiful. And very well made. Now Star Wars is getting it’s own anime-inspired animation  later this year with Star Wars: Resistance, but this fan trailer by YouTuber Dmitry Grozov, wow. It takes the Star Wars that we all know and love, (in this case Episode IV: A New Hope) and transforms it into an old-school anime style cartoon, evoking the likes of Macross, Akira or Mobile Suit Gundam. With Dmitry Grozov even going as far to give the trailer proper Japanese voice acting. Giving it that authentic feel.

Image result for star wars anime

Now it’s just a trailer I’m afraid. But my god, I wouldn’t mind seeing seeing the whole film done like this, it would be familiar, but new. This isn’t the first time a Fan’s creation of a Star Wars anime-inspired animation has been well received before. As many Fans are aware of the TIE Fighter Anime Short which at this moment in time, has well over 9 Million views. Which also shares similarities to classic 80’s Anime.

Now while I am sort have looking forward to Star Wars: Resistance, this Fan creation felt like a completely different beast. Resistance feels alot more modern, more American inspired Japanese Anime. Very polished, bright and clean. Sterile in a way. While this funnily enough like the Original Trilogy is grubby, wore and looks lived in. Two different products, homaging different styles from two different times.

For someone who is not an not an Anime Fan. ( Just never got into it) I liked this. I was very well done, and of course beautifully made. Impressive work Dmitry Grozov, most impressive.

Connor Heggie