Mike Zeroh Credibility: A Star Wars Clickbait Story

As Admin and Creator of the Star Wars Hub, I have a responsibility to give you the correct information. Whether it be Fact, Rumour, Speculation or Thoughts. From the title you’ll get an idea on what has been posted. If it’s a Rumour, it’ll be titled like e.g. “Rumour: Richard E. Grant Cast as Thrawn for Episode IX”. Along with a homage to Alien 3 with the quote “This is Rumour Control, here are the Facts.” It’ll have information that backs the Rumour (Rumours need to be believable, they need some sort have information to back them, the more information it has backing it, the more credibility the rumour has) but you will be reminded that it is still a Rumour, to take it with a grain of salt. Until LucasFilm either confirms it or debunks it.

I know plenty of other Star Wars Sites that follow a similar rule. Sites/Channels like Star Wars UnderworldHelloGreedo (sticks to news, takes the piss out of the rumour mill), Making Star Wars.netStar Wars ExplainedGet Your Geek On and Steele Wars. Each of them I can recommend. And what’s annoying to all of us is when rumours and speculations are reported as fact, with baseless claims. Basically over shadowing the truth

The most infamous for doing this is none other than the The King of Star Wars Clickbait himself Mike Zeroh.

And finally, someone has outed this Clickbait artist of a Star Wars News Channel Mike Zeroh for who he is. And not just anyone, but Episode VIII: The Last Jedi Director, Rian Johnson. This has been a long time coming. As many fans have vented their frustration at Mike Zeroh for his blatant Clickbait content in the past before. With many other Star Wars Sites (like the ones above) tired of the misinformation and lies he spreads. It’s not news, it’s misinformation. Rumours and speculation being pushed as facts and news. But this is something else, that someone from LucasFilm confirming what many fans have been saying for years.

So the other day the Star Wars Site: Star Wars Junk had tweeted (tagging Rian Johnson) saying that his trilogy was still  going ahead (despite what “haters” were saying) and that you shouldn’t believe the things Mike Zeroh comes out with. Soon after Rian replied saying, beginning a short back and forth between the Director and the Fan Site’s Twitter Account:

As you can see, Mike Zeroh’s infamous reputation has reached passed the online Star Wars Community to LucasFilm themselves. But it’s good to know others are now tired of Mike’s lies and misinformation. Why report on facts and actual news when you can just make up stuff and pretend you have “inside sources”.

I’d recommend checking out, Star Wars Junkman video on it (Give a Subscribe, a follow on Twitter etc). He lays it bare, being one of the few channels making rational points on the “drama” over on YouTube as many other channels that are on the “Hate Rian Johnson Bandwagon” just using his tweets to push the narrative that Johnson is now bullying Zeroh. Quite ironic given the nature of some of these channels in question. As Star Wars Junkman explains:

Fans (well most) are tired of clickbait. You want to keep up to date on Star Wars, but as of late. What’s legit and what’s clickbait? It’s getting more and more frustrating for fans (and fans that run Sites) on following Star Wars news. Especially when you have large sites like The Daily Express and MovieWeb pushing misinformation, reporting speculation and rumours as fact. But these two sites in particular are infamous for doing this, and the majority of the time will source Mike Zeroh. (For some reason, but I do have an idea why?)

I’ve seen it plenty of times in the comments, of fans informing other fans that it’s clickbait due to his name drop and links. And recently the hashtag #MikeZerohCredibility. A clickbait site, reporting on a clickbait video, from a clickbait channel. Why report on news and facts, when you can just make stuff up? Because they don’t care, they’re earning money from your clicks. That simple. Why do you think these channels and sites produce so much content in a day or so? Well the more “content” the more money.

Looks like the covers of the National Enquirer, but that’s how they get you. Luring you in with a bright and cluttered thumbnail, peaking your curiosity. Hellogreedo has brought this up before (1:50mins in). The parallels are similar.  But common sense can tell you, especially if you follow legit Star Wars sites, there’s nowhere near this many reveals and leaks happening.

Now jumping back a bit to Star Wars Junkman, he brings up that since his tweets with Rian Johnson, there has been a few channels now trying to push a “bullying” narrative. The reason I put quotations around bullying are for two reasons:

  1. He’s not bullying, it’s just another excuse for these certain channels to vent more to 9 months worth of venting. It’s passed hatred now, it’s an obsession. Not what I would call mentally healthy.
  2. It’s ironic as some of these channels have been known to bully, insult and harass others.

But these channels, which I’m going to have to name that are similar to Mike Zeroh (and the National Enquirer) just with added sensationalism, the rise of manufactured outrage, fake leaks, made up nonsense, poor fact checking/research and scapegoating. Channels like Geek’s + Gamers, ComicArtistPro Secrets and others have jumped on this bandwagon. Creating clickbait and spreading misinformation, half truths not to create news, but to stir the pot. To throw a spanner in the works. But it’s the reputation that are creating for themselves. And Hellogreedo nails it on the head when referring to channels like them. Now with these two tweets from Rian Johnson, it’s just another excuse to create clickbait in hopes to throw dirt at LucasFilm with a false narrative. Yeah, lying essentially.  As Jere7my said there wasn’t any bullying or harassment on Zeroh’s Twitter after the dialog between Star Wars Junkman and Rian Johnson. But Ethan Van Sciver’s (ComicArtistPro Secrets) Comicsgate followers on the other hand had plenty of remarks to say.

Now actual news is informative, with facts, points and reasoning. Clickbait on the other hand doesn’t care. It’s lazy, all it’s bothered about is getting you to click for ad revenue. They don’t care, they’re laughing their way to the bank. I think Simon Gruber said it best:

“Hook, line and sinker”.

(And yes, I’m well aware mentioning them, by name will most likely result in insults and harassment by either them or the followings. It’s expected, going by their reputations and from what I’ve heard. That for being rational, I’ll probably get such coined phrases like “Shill”, “Soyboy”, “SJW”, “Intimidated”, “Beta Male” aimed at me in some clickbaited video for this piece. But they are just empty words. As you become a hypocrite when you call people these names, when you removed your reviews to your Site, when Star Wars fans called you out for spreading clickbait and misinformation or having a history of online bullying which has been documented.)

And this is something that is damaging the Star Wars Community. Whether intentional or not. Grasping straws and reaching. It’s essentially like a snake oils salesman, but online dealing with Star Wars News. Making it a lot harder to inform fans of actual news and information, when misleading information is so rampant. When LucasFilm staff talk about toxic fandom or “shitty fans” they aren’t referring to the majority of fans. Of course not, that’s common scene. Who they are referring to however are the so called fans that give the Star Wars Community a bad name, ones that are racist, homophobic, sexist, restoring to harassing people involved in the film. Spreading lies and misinformation also makes you part of the problem, part of the toxic fandom. And clickbait can contribute to it.

So if you are tired of seeing clickbait on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in the Star Wars Community, then I have some recommendations for you. So you know what Facts are Facts, what Rumours are Rumours, what Speculations are Speculations. These are Sites or Channels ran by Fans what actually give a damn and want to give you the best content and news available. With some, going the extra mile with Trivia, Podcasts, Gaming and more:

Star Wars UnderworldHelloGreedo, The Force.netMaking Star Wars.netStar Wars Explained, The Dorkside of the Force, Star Wars Junk, Battlefront UpdatesGet Your Geek On, Eckhart’s Ladder, Rebelscum, The Expanded Universe, Star Wars News Net, Jedi News, Club Jade, Star Wars HQ, Tosche Station, Steele Wars, The Star Wars Guru and The Star Wars Post. Ohh and there’s also us The Star Wars Hub.

Hope these recommendations help. They are ran by fans for fans. So I hope you enjoy them.

Connor Heggie