Leaked: First Glimpses At The Millennium Falcon on ‘Episode IX’ Set Location

On August 1st production on the final film of the Sequel Trilogy Star Wars: Episode IX began. Marking the beginning of filming, an official photo from set was posted by J.J. Abrams on this Twitter:


Now for the first unofficial picture from the film, the first proper leak from the final instalment of the Skywalker Saga. This leak comes from the folks over at Making Star Wars. (Making Star Wars is another Fan Site I’d highly recommend.)

Jason Ward, the creator and main writer of Making Star Wars reports that he had begun hearing of rumours that Lucasfilm was doing filming for forest scenes in Black Park, England (20 miles west of London) Images then began to surface showing activity in the park, with security in the area being increased.

Earlier today, Jason revealed 3 images form the filming location, revealing that the Millennium Falcon has touched down in Black Park, hiding behind trees and bushes. So that right there confirms a woodland setting during some part of Episode IX. Question is, what new planet will this be? (I don’t have an answer, that was a rhetorical question) But let’s see what you make of them:

Exciting, isn’t it. She might be a piece of junk, but she is the great piece of junk in cinema history. All thanks to a partially eaten burger and an olive. Proves inspiration can come from anyway. Previous Star Wars films haven’t used Black Park, England as a location. So the likes of Yavin and Endor are probably highly unlikely. Especially the latter. Maybe the forests of Naboo? Takadona? Or Kashyyyk? Could even be a brand new planet. But a woodland planet is now confirmed. (Aren’t Star Wars planets odd? Just one natural geographic feature/environment.

Star Wars Episode IX will be released in theatres on December 20th, 2019.

Connor Heggie