Debunking Clickbait: No, Disney HASN’T Stopped Rian Johnson’s Trilogy.

Once again I am having to debunk the Daily Express’ Clickbait. I am seriously getting tired of this. Less than a week ago I wrote an article on the Daily Express reporting that Episode IX would be split in two, with they’re Digital Arts Editor Stefan Kyriazis sourcing the infamous Mike Zeroh (so we know how legitimate that is). With both Kyriazis and Zeroh, presenting speculated rumour as Fact. No, it’s nothing more than Clickbait to stir the pot. And Stefan Kyriazis is at it again.

I happened to come across this yesterday while on Facebook as I was scrolling down my wall. I’m in over two dozen Star Wars Groups and saw this posted in STAR WARS: ANYTHING & EVERYTHING:

 I immediately looked it up who wrote it. And rolled my eyes. Seriously? Is this where we are now? Reporting on speculation and wishful thinking as FACT, not to report on the actual information (which I’ll get too). But to stir the pot. To create a reaction.

And I think Stefan Kyriazis is well aware of this. Given the amount of Clickbait he has produced, (go head take a look) you’ll see him for the journalist or should I say Digital Arts Editor he really is. For an idea on what his headlines are like (in the past couple of weeks) look no futher:

  • “Star Wars 9 leak: New scene with Kylo Ren and THIS character: Is this Rey’s MOTHER?”
  • “Star Wars 9 leak: This NEW Kylo Ren and Knights of Ren fight scene is NOT a flashback?”
  • “Star Wars 9 new set image: Is THIS where Luke is? Will Luke’s ghost appear to Rey HERE?”
  • “Star Wars 9 scene leak: These THREE characters plus return of THIS iconic villain’s son”
  • “Star Wars 9 leak: Is THIS reunion the very last scene? HUGE Return of the Jedi link”
  • “Star Wars 9: Will Episode IX be SPLIT into TWO movies like Avengers Infinity War?”

I mean how many “leaks” are there really? LucasFilm/Disney run a pretty tight ship, in fact J.J. Abrams is all about secrecy. He loves secrets and surprises. There’s no way this many “leak” are getting out, especially when Mike Zeroh is “sourced” most of the time for them. And don’t forget the production (filming) of Episode IX only began on the 1st of August. Remember the old saying: “Loose lips sink battleships”, they are not this careless.

He doesn’t care about the facts, just the clicks. But how do I know that Stefan Kyriazis’ article is Clickbait? Well thanks to Bryan Young from the Full of Sith Podcast, I can tell you. What was actually said and what was actually cancelled.

Earlier this week on August 16th, LucasFilm production designer Neil Lamont was interviewed by Eric Eisenberg from Cinemablend talking about the cancellation of the Tatooine spin-off movie, saying:

“We were just starting our work on another Star Wars spin-off and yeah. We were actually just making our mark on Tatooine — which would have been interesting and some other new galaxies. So hopefully, if that comes back, we’ll get the chance to be able to do that further.”

– Neil Lamont

Now if you clicked the tagged link above to Eric Eisenberg’s article you’ll see that there was nothing said about the cancellation of Rian Johnson’s Trilogy. In fact the words Rian, Johnson and Trilogy don’t even appear in the article at all. The only film said to be cancelled is that of the Tatooine Spin Off. Though both the rumoured Boba Fett & Kenobi movies are mentioned.

Hours later Stefan Kyriazis creates his article. Taking what Neil Lamont has said out of context and publishing an article with baseless speculation as fact. Like his other articles, why report on the facts, when you can make news up. As a Digital Arts Editor for such a well know Site and Paper, you can’t just make stories up and then lie about it.

And now thanks to Stefan Kyriazis and his Clickbait, the Star Wars Community is in disarray. You have fans that have believed this Clickbait that he has produced, reacting in different ways, some upset, some angry, with some even celebrating. But then you have other fans who can call out what is Clickbait. To those that are upset, angry or celebrating. You have been lied too. And those Sites and Channels that continue to say that it has been cancelled are only continuing the lie, the Clickbait. Though that’s what what most of these Sites and Channel care for, the clicks and the views, not the facts.

Rian Johnson’s Trilogy Has NOT been cancelled. This is nothing more than just Clickbait and poor journalism to create a reaction. Which he has accomplished. Facts don’t matter to these people, just the clicks and the ad revenue.

But if you are like me, and you are sick and tired of these unprofessional hacks, taking rumours & speculation and addressing them as Fact. Say so. Call them out on it. Because enough is enough. Call it out. Call it what it is. Clickbait.

Connor Heggie