Let’s address the Episode IX Rumour of being split into Two Parts, because it’s not

Trilogies come in three, correct. A beginning, a middle and an end, with each film being a chapter. This is the case with the Original Trilogy, the Prequel Trilogy, the Dark Knight Trilogy, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, (was going to say Scream, but they did a fourth film), the Matrix Trilogy, Back to the Future Trilogy, the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy and the Godfather Trilogy.

A Quadtrilogy is you guessed it, four films. Like Rambo, Scream, Indiana Jones, Lethal Weapon and Jaws. Now there is a rumour going around that Star Wars Episode IX will be split into 2 parts. This has been done before with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay and that god awful Twilight: Breaking Dawn. Now with these three examples, these are films based on books, this is the climax of the series, so you’d want to get as much story in there as possible. While also making possibly double your profit. But Star Wars isn’t based on a book.

Which makes me question, why? What’s with this rumour, all these sites like The Express, Forbes and Movieweb (sigh) spreading not as a rumour, but as fact. Especially the Express:

Quoting the Express’ article:

Would doing the same save Star Wars from the ongoing storyline confusion and fan crisis? One report says: “One movie just won’t be enough to tell all the different stories.”

As well as the establishment of the new Resistance, currently shattered and in disarray, the final movie needs to address Luke Skywalker’s new reality, follow Kylo Ren’s story to redemption or fall, follow Rey’s discovery of her destiny and possibly her family, introduce the most new characters and feature the most planets ever shown in a Star Wars movie. 

Not to mention find a fitting conclusion for Leia and possibly bring back Obi-Wan, Anakin and Han Solo in rumoured scenes.

Star Wars commentator argues two movies would solve all these problems.

His followers seem to agree and typical comments include: “I think a two-part Episode 9 is a really good idea. Either that or it’s going to have to be a three-plus hour movie.”

“Episode 9 definitely needs a Part 2. A lot of time was wasted in Episode 8.”

“Absolutely Episode 9 needs to be split into two movies. If TLJ hadn’t stunk so bad it wouldn’t be necessary.”

“I say it should be split in two parts. There is far too much story to tell for one movie.”

And where does Stefan Kyriazis of the Express get this “information” from? The King of Star Wars Clickbait himself Mike Zeroh. You see that name, you know to exit that tab. In fact I’ve noticed that a lot of these Sites, like the Express that will publish articles as fact using this so called “Star Wars commentator’s” information despite the lack of evidence or sources. This is becoming a major problem in trying to report on anything happening with Star Wars, as thanks to clickbait from people like Zeroh, it makes it a lot harder to get the actual news out there. To these people it’s not about the facts, it’s about clicks and views.

Why wait to report on the facts, when you can make up information and pretend it’s a leak:

There is no way no earth J.J Abrams, LucasFilm and Disney are letting this many leaks out. No way. And it’s not the first time Mike Zeroh has “reported” Episode IX being split into two. In fact 4 videos dating back from July 15th. Reporting speculation, wild theories and leaks from unnamed sources now seem to be regarded as news to some of these people.

That said, thank you. Thank you Chris Agar from Screen Rant for doing something similar and looking into this rumour of Episode IX being split in two and calling it out too. Thanks to Sites like Movieweb and the Express spreading Zeroh’s speculation video, the rumour only gained more traction, spreading like wildfire. Screen Rant even reached out to Disney on this speculated rumour. Though they have yet to answer.

Trilogies are in threes, not fours. The Original Trilogy, three films. The Prequel Trilogy, three films, the Sequel Trilogy? Three films. As cockney word to describe this whole thing on Episode IX being split in two and that word is “BOLLOCKS”.

Now can some of you writers to these Sites please start being more professional with your reports (some of you ARE actual professional writers for these websites) It’s basic journalism. If it’s Fact, you state the facts, which most likely will come from the Official Source, LucasFilm or Disney. If Rumour, you state that it’s a rumour. Even rumours have to have backing to them. If Speculation or a theory, you say that it is. It’s not hard to include that into your title.

What this Episode IX rumour is, is nothing more than clickbait, being used as clickbait by other sites. And like a lot of you, I am sick of it. And this year has been full of it. It’s why I don’t post hardly any articles from other Sites anymore over on the Hub’s Facebook page. I’ll cover both Fact and Rumour, addressing each as such within both the title and first paragraph.

If you are finding it hard to separate what’s fact and what’s clickbait, then I highly recommend the following Sites and Channels to follow for Star Wars News: Star Wars Underworld, HelloGreedo, Making Star Wars.net, Star Wars Explained, Get Your Geek OnSteele Wars and of course us.

Star Wars Episode IX will be released on 19 December next year. There will be no Part II.

Connor Heggie