Should Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic be Remastered?

Last week, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic celebrated it’s 15th anniversary. Released back in 2003, the game is set nearly 4,000 years before the events of A New Hope. During a major conflict between the Jedi and the Sith. The Game was initially planned to be set around or during the Clone Wars, something like the storyline of Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones, it was even supposed to have a subplot focusing on clones but it was cut so it wouldn’t spoil the then upcoming movie. BioWare (the game’s developers) were also given the option to set the game 4,000 years in the past. The company chose the latter as it would give them much more creative freedom.

Since its release, Knights of the Old Republic has won one-hundred-twenty-six awards. Forty-eight were various forms of Game of the Year Award, including Game Developers Choice Awards” best game of the year, BAFTA Games Awards’ best Xbox game, and IGN’s Best Overall Game of the year. IGN also ranked KotOR 3rd on its list of the best films and video games of the 2000-2009 decade.

So after all this time, should Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic get the remaster treatment?

Well many great games from years gone by have had the remaster treatment such as Halo: Combat Evolved, Resident Evil, Burnout Paradise, Shadow of the Colossus, Dark Souls, BioShock and of course DOOM. So maybe it’s time for this Star War classic to receive the same treatment.

Now I am very much aware of the folks over at Apeiron who are creating they’re own remaster of Knights of the Old Republic but as a mod. They’re website states:

“Apeiron is a full-conversion mod of the Knights of the old Republic that was released in 2003. Apeiron is a overhaul and restructure of the original game with added content, new worlds, missions, HUD, inventory, items, and customization”

“Apeiron is being made in Unreal Engine 4, along with other up-to-date programs. It is being developed by a small indie studio with big ideas. Once released the game will be 100% free to the public, the only required cost is the purchase of the original game: Knights of the Old Republic which is needed to run Apeiron”

Here’s what they have managed to created in the Unreal Engine 4:

Impressive, if you want to check out Aperion and the development of the remaster mod they’re creating, look no further, as here’s a link to they’re site.

But what about an official remaster? The same game but redone by BioWare for (sake of arguing) next generation and PC. Leave the story as it is, because it is perfect. It’s better than some of the films (will let you debate on which ones). Leave the story alone, but give the game a new lick of paint.

Imagine locations like Kashyyyk, Korriban, Dantooine, Taris and Mannan etc, all made today. It would breathe new life into Knights of the Old Republic. So much more detail. Don’t get me wrong, when Knights of the Old Republic came out in 2003 it was impressive. It felt and looked like Star Wars. But obviously time has past, it still has it’s charm and the story is still great, but graphic wise, it’s a little hard to look at now.

Take Tatooine for example, imagine that made now. You could have a much bigger and detailed spaceport, make it alive and breathing with people. Expand upon the dunes outside the walls of the spaceport. Instead of just being able to go straight ahead, have it so you can go all around the spaceport, maybe even move some of the objective around. Add in a swoop race perhaps through Beggar’s Canyon.

What about Manaan?

The water world. Water has came far since 2003.  Now in many video games it made to look as realistic as possible, so imagine visiting Manaan, with it’s vast oceans. Travelling down to the secret Republic Kolto Base on the sea floor, which is damaged and leaking.

Imagine is a keyword here. As the scope to Knights of the Old Republic if remastered could be expanded so much more. Making the environments alive and open. Yes, you wouldn’t need to load every time you entered a new section of Taris. Maybe even throw in some extras like fly the Ebon Hawk. Flesh out the games environment, surprise us. This game with graphics similar to that of 2017’s Star Wars Battlefront II would probably be the closest thing to experiencing Star War.

I think though the only major change I want to the story of sorts is a small change to the voice cast, having either Ron Perlman or Stephen Lang voice Canderous Ordo. But then again if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Most of the voice cast is fine, well Carth is a bit bland, but still pretty decent.

But I can go on and on and on about imagine that or imagine this. And I’m aware that there are a few that don’t want Knights of the Old Republic remastered. That it should remain a classic from 2003. Though there are many, including myself that enjoyed the game so much we’d love to see a remaster of it. Last week, I hosted an Emoji Poll on The Star Wars Hub Facebook Page. Asking fans if they’d want a remaster or not:

Pretty straightforward. Heart = Yes, Wow = Maybe and Angry = No. At the time of this article (Eight days since the Poll was posted) 17,460 people had voted. With 2,475 Votes coming from the Hub. The Poll was shared in Groups such as Star Wars SithpostingStar Wars HQStar Wars Fans UnleashedStar Wars FansStar Wars Discussion RoomStar Wars Celebration 2019The Nerd CommunityClub SWUThe Astonishing School Of The Gifted NerdsSTAR WARS: Anything & Everything and many, many more. 

280 Fans voted Angry. 504 voted Wow. But a landslide of 13,054 voted Heart. The rest, well wasted their votes on other reactions. As you can see from the Poll’s insights:

It would seem that many fans would like to see Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remastered for the next generation. Who knows, if there’s a demand for it (and it keeps growing) maybe in 5 years time in 2023, we may see  Knights of the Old Republic remastered for it’s 20th Anniversary.

Hey, Star Wars: The Clone Wars had fan campaigning for years after it’s cancellation back in 2013 and now it’s back to properly finish with 12 more Episodes. It was passionate fans that helped bring the Clone Wars back, so there could be a chance that Knights of the Old Republic could get a remaster. If there is demand and interest, why not?

Slap that LEGENDS banner on, release it on it’s 20th Anniversary and you’ll have fans buying it. It was game of the year for a reason. And a remaster with love and care behind, it could do so again. (Has that happened before?)

Who knows, maybe if I get board I may start at campaign for it……

Connor Heggie