The Twin Suns Foundation: What’s it all about?

The Star Wars Fanbase has been a bit down in the dumps lately. With so much toxicity being spread around it has made enjoying the Galaxy of far, far away a little less enjoyable. Because of the actions of a few, the rest of us have to put up with being painted with the same brush as them. With many sites blaming Fans for what’s going on, most recently the harassment of Star Wars Actresses and Actors. Along with LucasFilm staff.

Let me just tell you this now, the people that do this, that get a kick out of it, are NOT Fans. Far from it. I do think that calling out this toxic behaviour is necessary. But what is lacking is bring positive stories to the forefront. Every fandom has it’s bad eggs that cause trouble, but what about the good eggs?

The Twin Suns Foundation is an Arizona based, non-profit organisation. The people behind Twin Suns are all fans of the Star Wars Expanded Universe and are dedicated to bringing those wonderful stories to individuals in need and to promote interest in reading whenever possible. The greatest thing about the Star Wars Expanded Universe, now branded as Legends is that it’s an extensive interconnected universe that is so easy to get hooked on. With material set before, between, during and after Episodes I-VI.

In just the past few years, the Twin Suns Foundation has donated hundreds of Star Wars Legends books to libraries, children’s hospitals and schools thanks to donations from numerous individuals.

Twin Suns representative Dennis S. Mowers who has been helping the Foundation for nearly two years now, had this to say:

” The Twin Suns Foundation is a not-for-profit organization built on the idea that we should use our love for Star Wars for good. Star Wars Expanded Universe/Legends books are donated to Twin Suns Foundation from all over the place, and from there, are distributed to children’s hospitals and libraries where they can be enjoyed by many for years to come.”

“More recently, we launched something called the Ryn Network. Basically, different people sign up to be a part of it and they can become a distributor in their area. This makes donating books to different locations a lot easier, and it’s extremely satisfying to be giving the universe we love to those who might very well need it.”

“Some of you might’ve seen us at our booth at Celebration Orlando 2017. We were giving away autographs by Shannon McRandle, the model who portrayed Mara Jade in the 1990s. We gave these away to people who donated a few EU books to us, and then entered them into a daily raffle for some cool Legends products like a pop figure, Lego set, etc. After Celebration was over, all the books were packed up and donated to a children’s hospital where they will stay and hopefully entertain sick kids for years to come.”

“If anyone would like to help out, head to our Facebook page and send us a message.”

– Dennis S. Mowers: Twin Suns Foundation Representative

If you’d like to help Twin Suns’ goal of bringing Legends stories to those that could use them, you can help by doing so in a few ways!

Most directly, you can either donate to the current Twin Suns fundraiser or share it with friends and family. All funds raised through they’re fundraisers go towards current projects and there stated goals.  You can find out more about they’re current project here.

If you cannot donate or share the fundraiser, do not fear!  you can still help out if you use Simply link your amazon account to amazon smile, a service where amazon donates a portion of your purchase to the charity of your choice. (At no additional cost to you!)

Finally, if you have new or gently used Star Wars books that you do not need, you can always donate them to one of Twin Suns’ Ryn Network Volunteers! The Ryn Network is a group of Twin Suns Volunteers that each operate a P.O. box. These volunteers specialize in finding new homes for any books that get sent to them in their immediate area. To find out more about Ryn Network and where to send your books, you can go here.

In just a few years, the Twin Suns Foundation has donated hundreds of Star Wars Legends books to libraries, children’s hospitals and schools. And they are hoping with your help, they can make that thousands.

Connor Heggie