Revealed: The Solo: A Star Wars Blu-Ray Special Edition

So you enjoyed Solo: A Star Wars Story at the cinema, and while the film wasn’t so successful at the Box Office. So far only coming up with $202,639,402 domestically and $354,228,549 worldwide. But home video (is it still called home video? I don’t know) might give the Standalone a new lease on life when it hits DVD, Blu-ray and digital.

Now speaking of Blu-ray, Target and Best Buy already have their exclusive Blu-ray releases up and running for pre-order, and they appear to be packed with extras. And I don’t just been bonus features on the disk.

Quick little detour, has anyone else noticed now, a lot of DVD’s now especially from Disney don’t have any bonus features on them anymore? Like it’s only the film. Surely there is enough space. Why am I having to pay five more quid for content that only a few years ago used to be on the DVD? Okay, rant detour over.

So what have both Target and Best Buy have to offer?

Target’s exclusive is a limited edition 4K Ultra HD release, which includes a 40-page filmmaker gallery and storybook, standard Blu-ray, along with a bonus disc. Details on what that disc contains have not been revealed. Price $32.99

Now if that wan’t curious enough for you, if you are a Target Redcard holder, this might get your attention:

The Target REDcard exclusive edition of Solo: A Star Wars Story is available in standard Blu-ray and 4K UHD Blu-ray varieties, and comes with a limited edition Millennium Falcon Metal Model Kit. The 4K exclusive is said to include a filmmaker gallery and bonus content. The standard Blu-ray lists only bonus content. Price $42.99

Best Buy’s exclusive is that of a 4K UHD edition of Solo: A Star Wars Story SteelBook. The edition appears to include the same two Blu-ray set and bonus disc as the Target exclusive edition, albeit with a Millennium Falcon steel cover. Price $34.99

Out the two, the Target exclusive looks to be the superior one. It just seems to have had more thought put into it with the addition of a filmmaker gallery and storybook. And if you want to spend an extra tenner, you can get an exclusive model of the Falcon.

A release date for Solo: A Star Wars Story on DVD, Blu-ray and digital has not been revealed as of yet. But going by the releases of The Force Awakens, Rogue One and The Last Jedi, it should be around 4 months after cinematic release.

Connor Heggie