Rumour: More Development on the “Kenobi” Standalone Film

Sorry I just had to start this out with an ALIEN 3 reference. But until LucasFilm officially announces it, it’s a rumour. It’s gossip. Until it’s announce by either Star site or by Johnny the Shoeshine Boy, take it with a grain of salt. So as Andrews would say: “This is rumour control here are the facts.”

Now it’s being reported by that a “newly released production bulletin” that the next Standalone film will be that of Obi-Wan: A Star Wars Story. The Star Wars film that pretty everyone seems to want. (My god, how ironic. Kenobi is this Fandoms only hope from falling into darkness).  And that it has a working title of “Joshua Tree.” Fans should take note that other films from the Saga have been produced under a code name. Episode VIII had the code name of “Space Bear, but most famously Episode VI: Return of the Jedi” which had the code name of “Blue Harvest.”

The synopsis for the rumoured film according to TMZ reads as follows:

“Obi-Wan is on Tatooine being an elusive hermit and stuff, but secretly watches over an infant Luke Skywalker, whom he delivered to his uncle, Owen. Tensions between the local farmers and a tribe of Sand People — headed by a ruthless war chief — eventually brings Obi outta hiding … and into Jedi kickass mode.”

Okay, I do find it odd that LucasFilm would use the term “Jedi Kickass Mode” (Personally would go with Jedi Arsekicking Mode but okay) But this rumoured synopsis does sound a lot like the synopsis for the 2013 Legends novel Kenobi by John Jackson Miller which is about Kenobi in exile on Tatooine. In fact the synopsis TMZ is reporting sounds like a shorter version of the Internal Flap of the Kenobi novel, which reads as following:

Tatooine—a harsh desert world where farmers toil in the heat of two suns while trying to protect themselves and their loved ones from the marauding Tusken Raiders. A backwater planet on the edge of civilised space. And an unlikely place to find a Jedi Master in hiding, or an orphaned infant boy on whose tiny shoulders rests the future of a galaxy.

Known to locals only as “Ben,” the bearded and robed offworlder is an enigmatic stranger who keeps to himself, shares nothing of his past, and goes to great pains to remain an outsider. But as tensions escalate between the farmers and a tribe of Sand People led by a ruthless war chief, Ben finds himself drawn into the fight, endangering the very mission that brought him to Tatooine.

Ben—Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, hero of the Clone Wars, traitor to the Empire, and protector of the galaxy’s last hope—can no more turn his back on evil than he can reject his Jedi training. And when blood is unjustly spilled, innocent lives threatened, and a ruthless opponent unmasked, Ben has no choice but to call on the wisdom of the Jedi—and the formidable power of the Force—in his never-ending fight for justice.

Sounds awfully similar doesn’t it. Though if that’s the case, that’s not a bad thing. Miller’s novel has a great reputation from fans, as one of the best Star Wars books out there.

TMZ also reports that the bulletin lists Stephen Daldry as the director and that he’s been rumoured to be in talks with LucasFilm and that he could actually be attached to the rumoured production.  Stephen Daldry has been known for such films as Billy Elliot (2000), The Hours (2002), The Reader (2008) along with seasons 1 & 2 of the hit Netflix series The Crown.

Now I know fans want this, I want this. But this isn’t a confirmation. No, no, no, no. It’s still rumoured. And you know what’s going to happen (it happens very week), this report from TMZ will be picked up by other sites, saying it’s happening. That it’s in production. No, the correct way to report this “news” is that it’s… a… RUMOUR. Until LucasFilm confirms it, then it’s official.

Connor Heggie