IMDb Turns Off The Review Score For Solo: A Star Wars Story

IMDB as many of you may know is a Movie Review website, where folks like yourself can go a rate a film out of a score of 10. So when a film is released you can pop on over and rate a film (or from years or decades ago). Sometimes the review embargo can be lifted a few days before a films release, sometimes a week or so. And the latter was the case for Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Now only a select few have seen the film at the premier, the majority of us will have to wait until next week. Reviewers such as Jeremy Jahns, IGN, Roz Weston, SchmoesKnow, Collider, Emergency Awesome, John Campea and Games Radar among others got to see the film early at the premiers and have release SPOILER FREE reviews, if you want to check them out (I’ve tagged them). Some enjoyed the latest Star Wars Film, some have not. Now whether they liked the film or not, doesn’t mean they are a shill or hater. (Seriously, we need to grow up from that) Film is subjective.

At the end of the day, it’s your opinion if you liked it or not. Some people may agree with you, some may not. But you are… you. If you like a film, you liked it, if you love a film, you loved it. If you thought it was meh, you thought the film was meh. If you disliked a film, you disliked it. End of story. You are your own critic.

Now back to IMDb, a couple days ago the review embargo was lifted from the Solo: A Star Wars Story. And it didn’t quite look right. In fact it looked more like people who haven’t seen the film yet had already took the liberty to score the unreleased film.

That does not look right does it? Especially for a film that’s still a little over a week from release. And now IMDb has disabled the scoring of Solo: A Star Wars Story for the time being. Probably until release. But as fellow Star Wars Enthusiast Steele Wars puts it, “can we still trust the audience scores?

That is the question isn’t it? Can you still trust sites like IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes if people are just going to raid it with 10 Stars or 1 Stars without seeing the film? You have a tug of war between two groups: Fanboys & Trolls. One trying to up vote it as much as possible and the other trying to down vote it as much as possible. But you can pretty much bet that the “Boycott Solo Movement” (Yep, that is seriously a thing) is/and will be involved in the down voting of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Why you may ask? To get LucasFilm President Kathleen Kennedy fired from her position, due to political messages in the Star Wars films, which isn’t new at all as explained by HelloGreedo.  But they want this film to bomb, so I wouldn’t put it past some of these trolls to stoop to that level. I wasn’t fond of the last Bond movie or Alien movie. I’m not going to down vote the next one without seeing it because I didn’t like the last one. I either give it a shot or don’t see it. Both of these groups, what they are doing is stupid. I will make my own judgement (and review) as will you.

So when it comes to film scores, hubba hubba hubba who do you trust? The 24.9% saying 1 Star? The 52.7% saying 10 Stars? Or does the middle (9 to 2) paint a more believable picture?  The 22.4%. Yes there were probably some in the 1’s and 10’s that may have left a legit score, but the fact that both appear to be raided, you just don’t know who has seen the film or has not. But at least you get a better idea.

But a much better suggestion? You. You are your own critic. You know what you like or dislike. No one else can tell you otherwise. You might after seeing Solo: A Star Wars Story want to leave a review score on IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes etc. Maybe you liked it quite a bit and give it a 8/10. Maybe it was a complete disappointment and you give it a 2/10. Or maybe it was just average, it had potential but didn’t rise to it. (Like ALIEN 3 or Event Horizon, okay the latter needs a remake) so you give it a 5 or 6 out of 10.

So if you see Solo: A Star Wars Story, be honest. If you enjoyed it, you enjoyed it. If you didn’t enjoy it, you didn’t enjoy it. Neither of which makes you a shill or hater. (Sigh, who am I kidding, that sort have attitude is still going to continue).

Connor Heggie