Avengers: Infinity War surpasses The Force Awakens’ Opening Box Office Domestic Record

In 2015. Dinosaurs beat Superheroes, then Star Wars beat Dinosaurs. Star Wars: The Force Awakens opened up to $247.9 million at the Box Office (in the US, this was a Domestic Record) in 3 days after a decade since the release of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. But now there is a new champion, Avengers: Infinity War. So Superheroes beat Star Wars. Surpassing the seventh instalment in the Star Wars Saga by $2 million, achieving $250 million in North America. Along with another $380 million internationally. Resulting in a grand total of: $630 million. (Or 458,844,750.00 in Pound Sterling) That total also beats another film, The Fate of the Furious that had held the record for biggest global start of $541.9 million. Infinity War making over $90 million more.

Infinity War‘s box-office victory was aided by what was said to be the biggest Saturday of all time in North America ($83 million), as well as the biggest Sunday (an estimated $61 million), reflecting positive word of mouth.

I remember a bet I made with a friend back in 2015, he thought Jurassic World would be the Box Office champion of that year, I disagreed and said it would be the Force Awakens. Jurassic World had made $1.6 billion in it’s theatrical run.  The Force Awakens beat that in 13 days. (So that was 10 quid to me on New Years Day) Thinking back to that, I honestly think Avenger: Infinity War could reach Jurassic World’s Box Office total in less than 13 days.

I’ve seen many people online already talking about multiple views (same thing happened with The Force Awakens), me and my mates are already planning on seeing it again. And that will definitely contribute to it’s Box Office takings. I don’t think there’s any doubts now that Avengers: Infinity War has the potential to beat The Force Awakens and Titanic, as there’s only (I say only) $120 million between them. At the moment (while currently writing) Infinity War stands at 125th at the World Wide Box Office. It should be in double figures by tomorrow. But these Blockbusters, there are usually in cinemas for two/three months.

Avatar, that’s a different story. As that stands shy of $2.8 billion. Avatar had the 3D craze behind it. Infinity War has had the IMAX marketing behind it, evening being shot entirely on IMAX. So that could give it a push. Just another $2.170 billion to go to beat Avatar.

Connor Heggie