More than one Solo, as Alden Ehrenreich signs on for more films

As we are now a month away from the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, it might look like we’ll be seeing more of the famous Corellian Smuggler than we originally thought. While being interviewed for Esquire, Alden Ehrenreich let slip that he has signed on for more films. During the interview Alex Pappademas asks Ehrenreich how many he’s signed up for. With Ehrenreich replying:


“I don’t know if that’s officially, uh, public. But—yeah.”

He apparently flinched after his one word answer. But it looks like the Solo Anthology film will be the first chapter of a Trilogy.  Now whether these films will be interlinked or will be there own stories is anyone’s guess. Or if Ron Howard will return to direct them. But it does appear that LucasFilm and Disney have confidence in Solo: A Star Wars Story and Alden’s performance to be thinking of doing a second and third Solo film.

It’s amusing in a way that when this film was announced pretty much everyone was against it. And the behind the scenes drama only fuel that negativity. But now since the release of the Trailers, it’s like a 180 for most of the fandom. There’s excitement building. And come May 25th if Solo: A Star Wars Story is good, fun and enjoyable. Fans WILL be looking forward to seeing more of Alden as Han Solo.

But…. only time will tell. Confidence is good. But over confidence can be a weakness. Let’s hope it’s the former. I will be hopefully seeing Solo: A Star Wars Story on it’s midnight release, so will be doing a first thoughts article on it, before writing a review on the film.

Connor Heggie