A Thought on the Supremacy’s Cannons Firing Arc

The Supremacy, the Mega Class Star Dreadnought that made it’s debut in Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a behemoth of a ship. At 13,239.68 metres in length and 60,542.68 metres in width it’s the largest ship we’ve seen in Star Wars. Not counting Death Stars/Starkiller Base because they are Space Stations. In width it’s longer than 3 Imperial Super Star Destroyers, even putting Spaceball One to shame. If you walked, the movie would be well over. That’s over a 16 hour walk. One hell of a leg day that would be.

But let’s talk about the Cannon’s of the Supremacy. Just as a heads up, this isn’t a confirmation. It’s just a thought.

Now we’ve seen plenty of Space Battles in Star Wars: Yavin, Endor, Naboo, Coruscant, Scarif and D’Qar. From dogfighting to capital ship combat. But unlike the Supremacy, all these ships shoot straight. Laser leaves the cannon and hits (or misses) it’s target. But the laser travels in a straight line. The Supremacy’s do not. Instead the Supremacy arcs it’s fire. Why? Why does it do that? Is there something in lore or was it an aesthetic choice by the director.

I’d like to quickly mention that Eckhart’s Ladder has done a video on his thoughts on why the Supremacy’s Cannons have a firing arc. It’s a good video (in fact his Star Wars content is always on point) check it out here.

Now my thought comes from Star Wars: Empire at War. God I love that game. You can have fun for hours on it. But for those familiar with it, there is a vehicle for the Imperial Faction called a Self-Propelled Medium Artillery (SPMA) Walker. It was a successor to the Republic’s SPHA artillery line used during the Clone Wars. Now finding some gameplay with this vehicle being used was easier said than done. But managed to find some, thanks to SuperVaderMan.

The SPMA-T model was fitted with a long-range, variable trajectory turbolaser cannon, and due to its modular design, it could, like its heavier predecessor the SPHA. The SPMA walkers’ range was quite long, but they required targets to be sensor-painted in order to score a hit. The combination of slow movement and light armour meant that SPMAs were usually dispatched with an escort.

Now when playing Empire at War, the firing arc of the SPMA reminded me of the of the Supremacy. Firing a volley across the map killing or damaging anything it hits. But both the volley’s have something in common. Unlike the “normal” lasers we’ve seen in the Star Wars that are more or less straight lines, the Supremacy’s seems to be more concentrated at the front, like an artillery volley. Like a plasma catapult.

Now I’m not saying that the Supremacy’s Cannon are based on the SPMA from Empire at War. Of course not. Just thought while playing the game, that the way there weapons are used seemed similar. Again not a confirmation. It’s just a thought. Though maybes the likes of Pablo Hidalgo could shed some light on it on his Twitter. Anyway, got a Galaxy to conquer, loving this Absolute Corruption Mod.

Connor Heggie