Let’s talk about this So-Called Casting Call for “Mara” shall we?

Okay, I’ve seen too many Sites saying that “Mara Jade WILL be in Episode IX over the past couple of days. This is NOT the case. This has NOT been confirmed, this is just a rumour being spread (like wildfire) over a Casting Call. A CASTING CALL!!! But even then that “rumour” doesn’t seem to be confirmed. Or have backing.

Before we go any further, for those who don’t know who Mara Jade is, here’s a quick bit of information for you on her from Star Wars Explained.

Okay, so I use Google, like many of you as my search engine. So I typed in Mara Jade into Google and hit search. And this was the result:

Are you kidding me? This is going viral. With large Sites like Screen Rant, CBR, The Daily Express, MovieWeb, We Got This Covered and more reporting this, that Mara Jade, a Expanded Universe Character will be in Episode IX. Though to honest the likes of the Express and MovieWeb are quite known for the use of Clickbait. Now this all came from a report from the site The Hashtag Show, which did a article on their own video. Saying:

Abrams, along with casting director Nina Gold, who has worked on both Episode VII and Episode VIII, are searching for a female lead, 40-50 years old, to play the role of “MARA.” 

But get this. No source. No link. No nothing. So does this rumour even have any backing? Or any shred of evidence? I’ve checked multiple Sites, there’s nothing, just The Hashtag Show being credited.

When you have a rumour, you usually have some information to go on. Information to back it to give it some credibility. There doesn’t seem to be a link or even a image of this Casting Call. Just some vague information. Just a rough age of 40 to 50 with the name Mara. That’s it.

So Mara Jade being in Episode IX IS NOT CONFIRMED. And evidence of this rumour doesn’t seem to exist. It could, but one man’s word is not enough without any backing. Like I said, an image or screenshot of said Casting Call would give this rumour more backing.

I don’t know about you, but it just seems like this is happening weekly now. On of the reason why, if you follow my page The Star Wars Hub, posts haven’t been to schedule for some time now. It’s been a bit on off. There just seems to be too much misinformation be spread around. Especially since the whole Solo Poster controversy.

I messed up stupidly on that, posting on of the many articles that brought that up. Wasn’t until upon looking closer it wasn’t even an American Poster for the film, but a Brazilian one. I did an article on it, addressing the differences, that it wasn’t a US Poster. Same with Alex over on Star Wars Explained, doing a video on the Misguided Uproar over the International Solo Posters.

But there does seem to be a problem now with misinformation being spread now in the Star Wars Community, rumours and misguided claims being addressed as news. And some of it proving to having a negative impact. When you have Sites and Channels such as MovieWeb, The Express, Geek + Gamers, Jar Jar Abrams and World Class Bullsh*ters spreading either misinformation or toxicity it has a negative impact on the community.

I have a responsibility to over 316,000 Star Wars Fans. And by posting the wrong information I’ve let them down. No more. I’m tired of this seemingly happening each week.

Connor Heggie