IT’S A WRAP. Ron Howard Announces the Post Production of Solo: A Star Wars Story Complete

Post Production has been confirmed finished by Ron Howard on his personal Instagram. Just shy of a month before release.  It’s been a troubled production for Solo: A Star Wars Story, but the man did it. Taking over and reshooting most of the movie from scratch. Before February, it seemed like no one cared about the Anthology film. But since the release of the Trailers, excitement, hype and hope for some has built up. I say hope as there are fans who weren’t impressed or didn’t like Episode VIII: The Last Jedi and are hoping Solo gives them their Star Wars fix.

In his post, Ron comments:

“That’s a wrap on post production here at #skywalkerranch #SoloWow. What a fun & exciting ride this has been for me. Thanks to an extraordinary cast and everyone behind the camera. Hope fans around the world truly enjoy #may25”

I’ve enjoyed both Apollo 13 & Backdraft (Prefer The Towering Inferno, come on Steve McQueen and Paul Newman. It’s a classic, a little bit of trivia: John Williams provided some of the score to that film, before Jaws and Star Wars. I’m rambling) Both are well made films, Apollo 13 I’ve seen the most out of the two, great cast, great production. We’ve all heard the story of it, know the outcome. But it’s still a terrifying notion. “Houston, we have a problem.” It’s chilling, it’s iconic.

But I hope Solo: A Star Wars Story is good and does well. For the effort and hard work Ron and Co have had to put in. And I think if he does, fans will applaud him for it. We nearly got Ace Ventura in Space with Lord and Miller. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed both the Jump Street movies, but that, that humour does not work in Star Wars. I trust Ron Howard to make a good and enjoyable film. That’s what we all want, to be entertained. He’s a good friend of George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy. And it’s a shame there are people who want this film to do badly and bomb. A lot of hard work goes into making a Star Wars film, you’ve seen the credits, all those names. To most if not all, it’s a dream come true to work on such a film.

So all we have to do is wait. Though Avengers: Infinity War is out shortly so that’ll pass the time.

Connor Heggie