Star Wars Fan Petition to have George Lucas direct the Kenobi Standalone Film

It’s been heavily rumoured for well over a year now, that the next Star Wars Standalone Film will be about Obi Wan Kenobi. Since Disney bought LucasFilm and announced more films, including anthology films, Kenobi is the one film Fans have been wanting for.

Now to quote my favourite line from ALIEN 3 (such a shame, David Fincher could have made a good film if it wasn’t for studio intervention) This is Rumour Control, here are the Facts:

Back in August of 2017 the Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Oscar-nominated director Stephen Daldry was in early talks to direct an Obi-Wan Kenobi spinoff movie. Stephen Daldry has been known for such films as Billy Elliot (2000), The Hours (2002), The Reader (2008) along with seasons 1 & 2 of the hit Netflix series The Crown. But what gives fans hope that a Kenobi Movie will happen is the fact that Ewan McGregor has expressed interested in returning to the Character.

So it’s “rumoured” that there is a Kenobi Movie going ahead at LucasFilm with a Director in the chair. But it would seem that some Fans would rather have a different person helming the Anthology film, George Lucas. This request is in the form of a Petition. So far the Petition created by Alex Probst has gained the backing of 174 Supporters thus far in 4 days. The Petition states the following:

Let George Lucas direct the Obi-Wan anthology film. I know what you all are saying (especially you extremely difficult to please Star Wars fans) “George Lucas? Directing another Star Wars film? Oh my god, no! It’ll be awful! He will ruin it!”. Will he? I beg to differ. Here’s the thing. George Lucas created this character we all grew up with and love. He’s directed the old man Ben Kenobi and the young cunning warrior Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. Say what you want about the prequels, myself included in the mix of people who does not enjoy them, but you can’t deny that Obi-Wan was the best part of the prequel trilogy. Was he not? Ewan McGregor, as far as I’m concerned, stole those films. He is the only redeeming factor, minus the Duel of the Fates and 45 minutes of Revenge of the Sith. George did that. George worked with Ewan, he directed Ewan, he got Ewan to become the embodiment of the younger version of the classic character we all fell in love with in 1977. THIS was George and George alone. He is a talented director. Sure the prequels weren’t what we expected them to be and yeah they weren’t at all good and the story was all over the place but, I am confident this wouldn’t be the case here.

He would only be the director. They have a screenwriter, he wouldn’t be producing. He would just be working as a director. This is the perfect way for him to comeback, show us fans that he is the director we remember him being, and it would allow him to have the proper goodbye to the franchise HE built and fought for. The franchise that WE love and have been apart of for our entire lives. I feel for George. His passion towards the franchise has been weakened by these so called “die hards” who sand in his face (puns intended) because he wanted to give you all the movies he felt you as fans deserved to see. This is his franchise and his alone. Give him the send off he and us as fans need. There have already been rumours that he has been location scouting, so maybe Lucasfilm is already giving him this film. But, let’s give it the extra push it needs. 

Disney and Lucasfilm have taken his ideas and chucked them out of the window, so its the least they could do. I personally think he’d do a great job. It’s not like the film needs anything crazy. It’s a contained story, almost like how Logan was. He hasn’t directed anything since Revenge of the Sith, and I think it would be a very personal project for him. He slipped up, we all do. He was ridiculed for it and now hated by fans saying he “ruined his own franchise”. But he didn’t ruin it. He made us appreciate what he created back in 1977. Peter Jackson didn’t get all the hate with The Hobbit films which are easily worse. We pushed George out of his own franchise. We made him quit directing because he took it so personal. So give him a second chance to show us what he can do. Give him the film he deserves, and let him have his final goodbye to the franchise he cared for so dearly. If it comes down to it and he doesn’t want to do it, then so be it. But I say give him the opportunity again. Let him back in for his final send off. I’d like to see one last Lucas directed Star Wars film before he dies. What do we have to lose? Not sure how many people we would need so let’s get as many people as humanly possible! Share this petition and tell your friends to share it too. Let’s make this happen.

Quite a bit. But as Alex says after the release of the Prequel Trilogy, some fans over reacted towards George. Yes there’s not liking a film. But to start throwing insults and abuse at someone for simply making entertainment, it’s too far. George had to put up with this for years from fans (some, not all fans are like this) and it broke him it put him off. When asked about Episodes VII, VIII & IX he would say there wouldn’t be any.

Why would I make any more, when everybody yells at you all the time and says what a terrible person you are?”

– George Lucas

Plus given the current climate of how some fans react, would he really want to come back and direct a new film? Probably not. It’s became a blame game. Remember the “song” from the Fan Film: The People VS George Lucas called “George Lucas raped our childhoods”, no seriously that’s sang in the film. Goes to show some people do that these things from fiction a tad too far. It started as “George Lucas raped our childhoods” to “J.J. Abrams raped our childhoods” to “Kathleen Kennedy raped our childhoods” and currently “Rian Johnson raped our childhoods”. It would come full circle.

Besides, when selling LucasFilm, Lucas said it was a chance for a new generation of Film Makers to tell Star Wars Stories. Similar to the Characters in the films, he is passing the torch on.

Plus these Petitions, as passionate as the fans are that create them and back them. They just don’t work. You need thousands (no a lot more than tens of thousands Saurman) to even blip on LucasFilm’s radar. Yes you can gain attention via media outlets (e.g. Us) who will talk about it, it’ll have a domino effect. Other sites may talk about it. But unless it can gain a large number of Supporters and I’m talking into the hundreds of thousands. It ain’t going to happen.

I’ve seen (and you have too) Petitions like this before come and go. The Petition to turn the Old Republic into a Netflix Series managed to blip on LucasFilm’s radar last year when it approached 200,000 Supporters. Which was quite impressive after many Sites and Channels reported it. It now stands at 227,955 Supporters. There was also the Petition to have Star Wars: The Last Jedi to be decanonized which has gained a little over 103,000 Supporters. Last but not least the on going (nearly 5 year) campaign from the EU Movement to get the Expanded Universe continued, gain less than 40,000 Supporters (Groups & Pages combined) in that time. Though has gained mixed reactions from both LucasFilm, Fan Sites and the Fanbase due to previous methods.

So the chances are, like the above it’ll gain some numbers, but won’t make an impact. Not saying it doesn’t hurt to support and back it and the ones above, just don’t be disappointed when nothing happens. The possibility of it working is approximately 3,720 to 1.

Connor Heggie