Will Avengers: Infinity War Surpass Star Wars: The Force Awakens at the all Time Worldwide Box Office?

This might come off more as a rant, than an article. Still new to this game of writing articles, but when I write. I feel like I’m having more of a dialog if that makes sense? Like I’m talking to you instead. I don’t know, I want it to look like a person has written this and what comes to mind when writing. That said, let’s continue……

Later this month, a film 10 years in the making will be released. Avengers: Infinity war. I can remember going to see Iron Man back in 2008, with my mate Lee with no idea what was to come. Four years later, Avengers came out when I was in College. Now a few years ago I thought Avenger: Age of Ultron would give Star Wars: The Force Awakens a run for it money. This was before seeing the film. I did not think a film about Dinosaurs would dominate the Box Office again. But Jurassic World did. Dinosaurs beat Superheros, but Star Wars beats Dinosaurs. Which it did in 13 days. (Won a bet on that) Surpassing it’s 1.6 Billion within less than a two weeks. The “Force” was strong with Star Wars.

At the end of it’s cinematic release, Star Wars: The Force Awakens reached just over 2 Billion at the worldwide Box Office, becoming the third movie to do so. Only (Ha, I say only as if it were mere tuppence) 120 Million shy from surpassing Titanic. Now as of this moment, this is what the Worldwide Box Office looks like:

As you can see James Cameron remains “King” of the Worldwide Box Office with both Avatar and Titanic as the two top highest grossing movies of all time. I remember seeing Avatar years ago with the family. It cost a bomb. Like, fifty or sixty quid or something stupid like that because of the 3D craze it brought with it. Advertised to be the “Blockbuster to change all Blockbusters”. It was alright I think, a bit long maybe. Was it good? I haven’t seen it since it came out. Good god I was 16.

Okay, had a cuppa, a bit better now. Thing is though Avatar was a one trick pony. The 3D was shoved in your face. That’s why people went to see the movie and that’s why it made so much. Avatar 2 (if ever released) will not make anywhere near as much as it’s predecessor made. In fact Cameron, just scrap the Avatar sequels, go back to Terminator or AL()ENS. They were your best films. Now both the Force Awakens & Infinity War, IMAX & 3D are available for them. They aren’t advertised as:



Now Star Wars had a 10 year absence from the silver screen. Not counting the Clone Wars Movie. That was a pilot for the Clone Wars series. But after Revenge of the Sith, you had that along with Games, Books and Comics etc. It kept Star Wars going, but it wasn’t the juggernaut it was during 1999 to 2005. For some it was over, for others there was still stuff coming out you could sink your teeth into. It then became a juggernaut again after Disney bought LucasFilm and announced that there would be more films made. The teaser for The Force Awakens, which was released a year before the film even came out became one of the most watched things on YouTube. A year later Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens came out. Cinemas were packed on opening night. It was like a generation thing, families taking their kids to see a new Star Wars film. Ten years of waiting (some of which we thought we’d never see another Star Wars film) It became the film of the year.


So 10 years gap of no films compared to Marvel, which has had 10 years of films. A story being told since 2008 through 18 movies thus far. That’s a lot of build up. Instead of waiting, you are building. And all of it has been building up to this. I’m sorry Solo: A Star Wars Story, as much as I love Star Wars, Avengers: Infinity War is this year’s movie of the year.

Similar to Star Wars, Marvel’s main target audience are kids. Ironically as George Lucas said on Star Wars, it appeals to the 12 year old in all of us, the kid in all of us. That wonderment, the excitement. I was 12 when Iron Man came out. So I’ve grown up with this “Universe” Like Star Wars, it’s still part of my life. How many things from your childhood are still ongoing today? Now while the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t as old as Star Wars, many of us have grown up with it. And probably will be seeing Infinity War. And that’s where it could beat the Force Awakens, knocking it to 4th. We’ve grown up with it.

It’s a “big” maybe. Infinity War has to make just under 600 Million more than what Avengers made back in 2012 to surpass The Force Awakens. If it makes double, it surpasses Avatar. It’s possible it can beat The Force Awakens. Look at Black Panther (scroll up, then come back down) That’s 10th, sitting just under The Last Jedi. Sneaking up on it. That’s a Standalone Marvel movie. After that it’s Iron Man 3 at 14th. It’s possible. Beating Titanic, maybe. If it can beat the Force Awakens, it might beat Titanic. Avatar, we’ll just have too see.

It could be close, very close. Star Wars isn’t the only juggernaut out there anymore.

Connor Heggie