Star Wars: Empire at War, I want MORE!!!!

I have an addiction, an addiction to Star Wars: Empire at War. I’ve had the game since 2009 and like it. But only recently have I been loving it. And this is thanks to mods. Don’t get me wrong the vanilla game is fun. Land and Space battles, a Campaign and Galactic Conquest. But it did get boring after awhile, I knew the game like the back of my hand and it became too easy. Though the Zann Consortium was a pain the ass, a bit too over powered, turning the Galactic Map into a awful shade of yellow and then they have the audacity to blow up my bases. I can see why some fans didn’t like them.

But with these Mods, I’ve found a new found love for this game. And maybe a bit too much. Like it has gotten in the way of running the Star Wars Hub. “One more hour, a little longer. Great Scott, is that the time?” You can lose yourself in it. At the moment I’m playing both Absolute Corruption Mod & The Clone Wars Mod. Once I conquer the galaxy a few times on both of them, I’ll try out the Thrawn’s Revenge Mod and possibly the Remake Mod.

Both the Absolute Corruption Mod & The Clone Wars Mod I have found both more challenging and entertaining than the vanilla game. It feels more like an “Empire at War” the battles are bigger and more intense, I feel like I’m constantly on the defensive, having to build fleets to protect MY planets before I can even think about attacking the other factions. The medium difficulty for both these Mods is a lot harder than the vanilla game, I’d hate to imagine what hard is like. It feels like a constant battle. Which is what it should feel like. It’s a battle, it’s a war.

The new additions to the factions, such as ships and units, I like. My favourite playthrough on the Absolute Corruption Mod is probably playing as the Rebellion. I love using the Viscount Star Defender, it reminds me of the Raddus from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Large Rebel capital ship, plenty of fighters, do bring an escort (no not that kind have escort) as you’ll need to defend it. While it’s big and can pack a hell of a punch, it is slow. Specking of ships, space combat it’s bigger than the vanilla game. A population gap of 35, nearly double that of the normal game.

The Clone Wars Mod, haven’t played it as much, but loving it. New planets (Absolute Corruption also introduced new planets too) but it’s like an upgrade, like Tatooine for example, there’s now a whole town full of scum and villainy (seriously they will shoot at anyone) but there’s also a proper Tusken Raider Camp and Krayt Dragons. Space combat it’s even bigger than Absolute Corruption at a 50 population gap. You can have titanic like battles. I had one over Minntooine, it was pure chaos. I had a defence platform, 7 Lucrehulk Battleships along with some Capital ships, frigates and a maxed out Space Station. I should have lost due to the amount of Republic ships, dozens of Venator’s and Victory Classes, not to mention about 8 Star Destroyers. My saving grace, fighter superiority, buzz droids and a Hypervelocity cannon. Made quite the salvage from the amount of Republic ships I destroyed. But seriously, 2 credits for destroying a fighter.  75 Credits for a Venator, that ships costs 59 million Republic credits.

Now it’s took me a few good days to write this and a few to even start this, I literally couldn’t stop playing this game. This decade old game is still going, thanks to mods. But even playing them, a part of me thinks: Isn’t it time we had a new strategy game?

Something new or a spiritual successor to Empire at War. I’m aware of the Remake Mod, haven’t tried it but my god it’s beautiful. It’s like a new version. The attention to detail is, well see for yourself:

Did you see that? How stunning it that look? The scale, the explosions and the turrets, they actually turn to fire. Everything from the vanilla game has had an overhaul. Like the new Battlefront it feels more like Star Wars.  And that’s what we need. Not speaking ill of the mod, it’s stunning that someone took a decade old game and gave it a updated makeover. For more on this Remake Mod, check out TheXPGamers. He goes into much more detail in his 2 hour long video on it. There’s some beautiful gameplay in there.

But I honestly do think it’s time for a new Star Wars Strategy Game to be made, it’s long over due. The above is a mod, a taste of what an new game could be like. Just imagine what could be done now with today’s graphics. Don’t just make it Empire at War or Republic at War. What we need is Galaxy at War. The Prequels, The Originals and the Sequels into one. Could you imagine firing down on an enemy base with a First Order Dreadnought or defending Coruscant from a Separatist attack. It needs to be done and it can be done.  Anyone else feel like this? They enjoy the game, loving the mods but they want a new one.

Well that’s my rant over, probably play another hour or two on one of them now. But have you played any of these mods and would you want a new Star Wars Strategy Game?

Connor Heggie