Disney removing Blasters from the Solo Posters? Nope, they’re just the Portuguese Han Solo Posters

Well I feel rather silly. Posting news the other day, without looking into it properly. The news in question was about the removal of the Blasters from the Solo Posters. This news swept through the fandom like wildfire. With numerous sites reporting it. That LucasFilm/Disney had removed Han Solo’s iconic blaster (along with other characters) from the posters due to the reactions to guns and gun violence in America right now:


The poster or posters in questions aren’t the US posters, but in fact the Portuguese posters from Brazil. How can you tell, take a closer look:

Han Solo: Una Historia De Star Wars is the Spanish Poster, while Han Solo: Uma Historia Star Wars is the Portuguese.  As you can see below in full:

From Left to Right is the Spanish poster for Solo (The Main Posters) and as you can see blasters are in the poster. But the Portuguese (centre) does not. Also notice that both of these international posters call the film Han Solo instead of just Solo. Finally we have the US Solo poster, that gives off a more “western” vibe, like a wanted poster. Anyone else get that vibe? So is LucasFilm/Disney removing the blasters from the posters? No, it’s simply a different poster for a different country. The US Posters are still the same. The reactions to guns has not changed the posters.  Look up a film you like, check out the posters and you’ll see that different ones for different countries. From text to style.

For example, remember the US & Chinese Posters for Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

While blasters were still featured, there was still controversy with the Chinese poster. With the scaling down of John Boyega’s character Finn.

I’d like to thank Benjamin Hart from Star Wars Underworld for pointing this out about the Solo Posters. Honestly I felt abit foolish, as I had jumped on this bandwagon without actually looking into it. But I can see why people jumped on it.

When these bad things happen, these massacres and it’s not just America. I’m from the UK and we’ve had some awful things happen too. When these things happen, something gets blamed. And usually it’s a scapegoat.

And that scapegoat is usually Movies and Video Games. And I disagree on that. I’ve watched Movies and played Video Games. (Rambo, Robo-Cop, The Gauntlet, Heat, Dirty Harry, Halloween, Dredd, Scream, Scarface, Se7en, Terminator) and Games (GTA, Red Dead Redemption) I don’t play many games. And yet, like many of you I haven’t thought, “Hmmm wouldn’t mind going on a killing/shooting spree.” Violence pre-dates Movies and Games. The “Wild West” for example, there were violent times during that era yet there were no Movies or Video Games. But when these things happen, that’s what you’ll hear. And I respectfully disagree.

Because the truth of the matter is there are some of us out there are simply just evil, waiting for some secret, silent alarm to trigger him off. With no reason, no conscience, no understanding in even the most rudimentary sense of life or death, of good or evil, right or wrong. Thank you Dr Loomis.

Okay went on a little rant there, but thought it best to bring up why people may have thought this.  A bit like when Spielberg removed the guns out of E.T. But nothing has been removed, it’s just a different Solo posters for a different country. LucasFilm/Disney aren’t removing blasters from them, it’s just another poster.

Connor Heggie