Toxicity against LucasFilm staff

There are Fans and then there are Trolls. And The RebeLiberian is most definitely the latter. Infamous to many Star Wars Fansites and even some members of LucasFilm staff as Megan-Maire Johnson and Admin to the even more infamous Alliance to Preserve the Expanded Universe Group. Which has been known for harassment’s by some of it’s Members and Admins along with the Spoiler Campaign during the release of Episode VII: The Force Awakens in December 2015. Why you may ask? You’ll probably roll your eyes over this. It’s over fiction, over Legends. So get ready to glimpse into the mindset of someone who’s a sandwich short of a picnic.

This recently all started during the latest episode of Rebels Recon when someone noticed an image decorated in one of the employee cubicles as Andi Gutierrez, the Host of the Rebels Recon Web series passing through. Thus causing some disgruntled folk to raise a new bizarre theory that (brace yourself) that LucasFilm/Disney have an Anti-Luke agenda.

 So why is there an “X” over Luke’s face? Well, ever heard the phase “The Empire did nothing wrong?” As Andi tried to explain later on her Twitter, some employees like to decorate their desks. And like Fans some side with the Rebels and some side with the Empire. The desks owner Justin Bolger, a member of LucasFilm’s social media team even Tweeted about it:

But did she believe that? No….

The problem with the RebeLiberian though, she’s a Troll. Like I said earlier she is known to some members of LucasFilm. Such as labelling Pablo Hidalgo as a racist and Clone Wars/Rebels creator Dave Filoni as a pedophile over his creation of fan favourite Ashoka Tone simply because she doesn’t like the character.  Why does she do this? Because the Expanded Universe was made into Legends. So fiction became that a little more fictional. Some people do take make believe far too seriously. So let’s say, you reading this, you are enjoying the content LucasFilm is making now or you like both Canon & Legends. Well according to people like The Rebeliberian, you aren’t a Fan. According to her, you like the staff at LucasFilm are traitors to Star Wars.

But you are probably wondering (those who tried clicking on Andi’s Twitter link) why nothing is appearing. Well after a series of tweets, Andi took down her account as the Rebeliberian kept on tweeting, saying how “Fans” had to expose LucasFilm of this Anti-Luke conspiracy and that LucasFilm doesn’t represent George Lucas’ Star Wars anymore.

Andi then tried to close the thread in a civil manner with another tweet, though confused over the issues The Rebeliberian was insisting upon.

Well trolls aren’t civil. Or nice people. As later Andi published another tweet.  Enough was enough. That someone would take fantasy, make believe so seriously that someone’s office desk picture could cause such an issue.  And after being bombarded with tweet after tweet from this troll. Andi said this:

All because the Expanded Universe was made into Legends. This isn’t the first time members from the infamous EU Movement: The Alliance to Preserve the Expanded Universe has harassed people. And for a Movement that’s been desperately trying to get the Expanded Universe “continued” for nearly 5 years now, this is a sure way of shooting yourself in the foot, when one of your Movement’s Admins harasses a member of LucasFilm staff off Twitter during an emotional time.  LucasFilm aren’t ever going to help or take into consideration a Movement where it’s Admin act like so.

Before leaving Twitter (unknown how long at this time) many, many fans tweeted Andi their support for her along with calling out the troll for her rudeness.  Which goes to show, for every bad egg in the fandom, there are so many more good eggs.

Connor Heggie