Is LucasFilm hinting at a new animated series?

That’s it, we are now awaiting the final Episodes of Star Wars Rebels and then Season 4 will come to a close. But when one door closes, another must open. But what is it we are going to be getting after Star Wars Rebels has finished? Well a recent trademark could hint on what the next animated series could be: “Star Wars Resistance.”

Resistance you say? Well there are two possibilities to this:

  1. Rebels sounds more ragtag doesn’t it and we know from Rogue One that the climatic battle, the Battle of Scarif was the start of the Galactic Civil War. So no more skirmishes or raids, this is now war. The Rebels become more official and more organised.
  2. What is more likely Star Wars Resistance would be set somewhere within the years or decades before the events of Episode VII: The Force Awakens. And what we’d be seeing would be the “Cold War” A near 30 year stand off between the newly formed New Republic and the rising First Order. 30 years is a hell of a gap, so we’d probably see something less than a decade before Episode VII.

Twitter user Jordan Maison brought up the LucasFilm trademark that it could be either an animated show or live action. But given that LucasFilm’s recent job listing looking for people involved in the world of animation does make it more likely we’ll be seeing a new animated show soon.  And while the job listing doesn’t go into too much detail it’s description say: “The creators of the Emmy award-winning animation series Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the highly successful animation series Star Wars Rebels are looking for a versatile Production Coordinator to join their production team”  So it there is a good chance we’ll be seeing a new animated series say a year after the finale of Star Wars Rebels.

But what would you like to see? Where would you like to see Star Wars go in the world of animation?

Connor Heggie