What if Star Wars had no music?

John Williams, what can you say? Probably one of the greatest composers of he 20th century and most likely this century too. His scores are memorable, from Jaws to 1941, from Indiana Jones to Harry Potter, from Back to the Future to E.T. Could you imagine Jurassic Park without his magical touch or Jaws without “duunnn dunn, duunnn dunn”? It’s not worth thinking about. The idea of such iconic themes just gone.

But what is considered one of his most memorable would be his work on the Star Wars Saga. From the moment the title appears, John Williams pulls you into the galaxy of far, far away. That what you are about to see is something truly epic and out of this world. Think about the scene where Luke standing by his homestead, looking towards the horizon. At the twin sun. You can hear it can’t you? Without his music, that scene loses so much impact. His music within the films is like a character, telling you the story.

And without it? Well, YouTube Channel Star Wars Alert¬†shows us a world where Star Wars is without music.¬†It’s not right at all. It’s naked. It’s like the film loses it’s voice. The tone is completely gone. And what’s left is…. awkwardness. There’s no epicness to it anymore. And it really goes to show how important music is to a film. It gives the film life and without it’s a lifeless husk.

While John Williams isn’t composing the score to Solo: A Star Wars Story, he is however composing the theme for Han Solo. And will be back for Star Wars Episode IX.

Connor Heggie