Details on Solo: A star wars story teaser leaked early ahead of Super Bowl

What has felt like forever will soon come to an end tonight, as we’ll get our first look at this years, Solo: A Star Wars Story. Starting with a Teaser during the Super Bowl and then a proper Trailer the morning after on Good Morning America. Like many fans I too am looking forward to it with antici…pation. (Don’t know why The Rocky Horror Picture Show came to mind) But there is that little voice in the back of my head and I can assume many others are hearing too, repeatedly saying the following:

“Please be good. Please be good. Please be good.” 

Yes there are doubts. I’m having some, I have seen it on my Page and on others. But this is exactly what we need, a Trailer. And it’ll go one of too ways, we’re either going to be impressed or our doubts are only going to get worse. So Ron Howard, please deliver the former. We’re well aware that there were issues. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller apparently turning Han Solo into a Ace Ventura like character with them hiring an acting coach for Alden Ehrenreich because he couldn’t improvise. So I think (I hope) we dodged a bullet with their version of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Now Jason Ward of Making Star Wars revealed on this Twitter earlier today that tonight’s Teaser will be 45 seconds long. The appetiser before tomorrow’s main course. I expect the Trailer to be three times longer.

Now the question is when does the Teaser and Trailer actually drop? I myself don’t want to sit through the whole Super Bowl, I have no interest in sport. So roughly what time do they drop? Well the commercial/advert listing puts Solo: A Star Wars Story in spot 2A. This most likely means that the Teaser may drop earlier in the game during the second commercial break.

For the main Trailer that’ll be shown on Good Morning America it is expected to drop around 8:30-9am EST/5:30-6am PST/1:30pm-2pm GMT. Once aired the Trailer will be immediately available for viewing on the Official Star Wars Channel. Exciting times, hopefully. Like I said before, a Trailer for this film will help it. We’ll get an idea of sorts on the tone and look of this film. So what are you hoping to see in both the Teaser and Trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story?

Solo: A Star Wars Story arrives in cinemas on May 25th.

Connor Heggie