What To Do With The Kenobi Standalone Film?

By now you should have heard the news, we’re getting a standalone Obi Wan Kenobi movie. A anthology film about everyone’s favourite Jedi Master. I for one am very excited about this. Ewan McGregor is a brilliant Obi Wan Kenobi. Yes, Alec Guinness was the original, who first taught us the ways of the force and the Jedi. But McGregor has had three films as Kenobi with a much larger involvement, thus has had more of an impact.

Now whether you liked or didn’t like the Prequel Trilogy, the majority of people will say that Ewan’s portrayal of Obi Wan was the best thing from Episodes I, II & III. And now that there are talks happening at Lucasfilm to give Kenobi the Anthology treatment. Fans want Ewan McGregor to return. Nearly 13 years have passed since the release of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Kenobi was in exile for nearly 2 decades. Ewan is now the perfect age to play the ageing Jedi.

Earlier this year, the image of Ewan McGregor “training” spread across the internet. With fans buzzing with excitement. Is he training for the role? He’s growing the Kenobi beard!!!

Now there is a good chance it was just a picture of him with his personal trainer. Or maybe it was something to whet our appetites. Either way, LucasFilm & Disney have probably seen the reaction of this. That Fans want Kenobi, that they want Ewan McGregor back for the role. Sometimes when a “leak” happens it’s done deliberately, to create buzz. And this image HAS created buzz. Now Ewan has said:

“There’s a lot of talk,” I’d be happy to play him again. But I don’t know any more about it than you do. There’s no plan at the moment.”

That might be the case or maybe LucasFilm/Disney want to keep things “hush hush” for the time being.

Now it’s still early days, but Academy Award Nominated Director Stepehn Daldry, known for such films as 2000’s Billy Elliot, 2002’s The Hours and the 2008 film The Reader. Each of those films were nominated for Best Director at the Oscars. Stephen is also the Executive Producer of the Netflix Series The Crown starring Matt Smith, which he Directed two Episodes of. Given that his films are very character driven, we could be getting a very different kind have Star Wars movie.

So what could you do with Kenobi? With the Character and the Story? I have my own thoughts on this, that’s if Ewan McGregor is to return as Kenobi. The only other option is Tom Lincoln. Now if this is to be set during the Dark Times, years after the fall of the Republic, the Jedi during the rise of the Empire. The Ewan’s Kenobi in this film will surely be very different from what we saw in the Prequel Trilogy. This is a man who has lost everything, his religion, his friends, his home and his way of life. Along with the death of the love that could have been during the Clone Wars at the hands of Darth Maul. This is a broken man who is still holding on to a silver of hope. A new hope.

This, this is how I think a Kenobi film should be done. Take the Legend Novel Kenobi by John Jackson Miller and use it as a temple or inspiration for a Kenobi Standalone Movie. Then take the Tone & Atmosphere of both Unforgiven & Logan. The result, I think would be a brilliant, yet different type of Star Wars Movie.



Yes, I’m aware both Unforgiven & Logan are rated 15. Star Wars won’t ever go into that age rating for its cinematic releases. They’ll probably remain as 12’s. But you can push the envelope with a 12. Films such as 2002’s Spiderman, 2008’s The Dark Knight and 2012’s The Woman in Black did push it. With the former introducing the 12a rating after parents complained they were unable to take their kids to see Spiderman. So it can be done. It does open many doors to what we could see in a Kenobi movie. Maybe a return to the Skywalker Homestead, Liam Neason could return as the “voice” of Qui Gon Jinn. Which could be a possibility since Liam Neason is interested in returning to the role. Perhaps we would see his encounters with the Tusken Raiders. Maybe a confrontation with a Krayt Dragon. A Krayt Dragon? Remember the sound he made to scare off the Tusken Raiders to save Luke. Imagine that beast on the screen.

Though it is a shame that re-re-reintroduced Maul into Star Wars: Rebels during Season II where the character met his end after a brief duel with Kenobi in the Dune Sea during the end of Season III.

Though while Maul could have worked as an Antagonist. Though there would be people (a lot of people) who would question his return. Not everyone watches Clone Wars or Rebels. To those people, his return would have to be explained. Me and friend a while ago discussed the idea of how you could get around it. And we came up with a rather interesting idea on how you could have started it. Begin it “Rogue One” style. After the famous “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away” disappears, it immediately starts: Maul is slashing his lightsaber above where Obi Wan is holding onto. Obi Wan uses the force to pull his masters lightsaber towards him, suddenly he jumps from pit over Maul catching the lightsaber and slices Maul in half. This can be done all with footage from Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

Maul gives the same shocked reaction, but just as he falls, it’s a point of view shot from Maul. We see, what he sees as he falls down the shaft. Like Luke he gets pulled into a ventilation shaft while swearing his revenge on Kenobi. Bang Title. That could have been a great opening if you were going to use Maul as he antagonist. But Rebels has already done their final duel. They could do a live action, but it’s highly unlikely now.

What we’ll probably get is the Unforgiven/Logan equivalent set in Star Wars. Where a former “Hero” must pick himself back up for one last journey.

Though the character of Obi Wan Kenobi isn’t the only character being considered for a Anthology film. Recent rumours about Lucasfilm considering films for Yoda, Jabba the Hutt and the fan favourite Boba Fett. This would be then the second time a Boba Fett Anthology film will be attempted. Josh Tank was supposed to be directed said film before the release of the universally panned Fantastic Four reboot.

In my opinion, a Boba Fett film sounds the best out the three. But maybe have a simpler style to 2012’s Dredd, not the violence obviously, but keeping the helmet on, I think is the best route. He is the Star Wars equivalent of Clint Eastwood’s The Man With No Name. Lucasfilm could use the unfinished Animatics from the cancelled Clone Wars Episodes as inspiration for a Boba Fett movie. By having him take on the equally deadly Cad Bane. The Lee Van Cleef of Star Wars.

With Episode IX being released in 2019, ending the Sequel Trilogy, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a Kenobi Standalone film being released the following December.

So a Obi Wan Kenobi movie, are you excited? And what would you like to see from it?

Connor Heggie